Game 117: vs. SD



Today’s the day to make Izturis happy . FIRE DUSTY NOW!!!!!!!!

Headlines at sez it all…
“Sloppy, punchless Reds fall 3-1 to Padres”
“It was a rough night Saturday for Jack Hannahan and Xavier Paul, as the two Reds reserves combined for four errors and found themselves involved in both of the Padres’ double plays, as the Reds fell 3-1 to the Padres in front of 34,777 at Great American Ball Park.”

I hear, Neb, there are some good writeups and coverage on the team at🙂

lol…how rude of me. My apologies Mark. will be the first site I visit every morning.
I too have heard nothing but good things about the writers there.

It’s all good. Just having fun.

Ludwick to reunite with Reds on Monday…
Excerpt from C. Trent Rosecrans;
“I watch a lot of video and I’m very familiar with guys and facing guys up here. I could take a guy like Woody, who we are going to face on Monday, and I already see him in my head, I know exactly what his ball’s going to do,” Ludwick said. “I know his pitches, I know how he’s going to attack me. I didn’t face one guy down there that I knew. I was facing a bunch of guys that I had no clue which way their ball was moving, I didn’t know what their secondary pitch was — that’s no crutch, obviously the performance wasn’t great.”

Ludwick to bat 6th…
Excerpt from Hal McCoy; Dayton Daily News
“We have to see what he can bring to the table and if he is the same Luddy,” said Baker. “He is operating from way behind and we certainly miss him. This guy is a run producer. But it is hard to put him right back in either Jay Bruce’s spot (No. 5) or Brandon Phillips’ spot (No. 4) because they’ve been driving in runs and Brandon has really come through. I have him slated for No. 6, which is a big-time run producing spot if your fourth or fifth guy doesn’t pick them up, especially in a two-out situation, which we’ve been lacking.”

Couple of comments by Lance Mcalister; Cincinnati’s 1530 ESPN…
“4 errors, 4 hits, 1 run, and a base running blunder of epic proportions….Nice to see everyone with their heads in the game.”
“Walt Jocketty and Mr. Castellini have to consider what it says when a manager publicly acknowledges poor base running/fundamentals, talks to his team about them, and yet the same mistakes continue to happen.”

Missed opportunity last night big time…Could have picked up a game….. Defense by Padres really helped them last night…….. Maybe some bif offense today to boost MIke L. effort… Go Reds. T2

All the above mentioned PROBLEMS are a direct result of laid back personalities and (OR) lack of paying attention to detail in spring training.This has been going on all year, As far as playing RESERVES> This is crunch time. Reserves are exactly that , RESERVES. and shouldn”t be starting unless someone is hurt . BUT Dusty has to make them HAPPY !!!! FIRE DUSTY NOW !!!!!

The Reds look tired today. I think we need to bring up Louisville’s roster and give everyonea day off. Just to get ’em going.

Man ! Them Reds sure can field and hit . Lord have mercy on the rest of the league.

You ae right on Jim. This is not Little League. Everyone doesn’t have to play. The Reds had some legend named Sparky who played the same 8 nearly every day! Dusty needs to go!

…and boy…Sparky didn’t have any patience for a poor outing by
any pitcher; let alone a poor inning, by a starter or reliever.
His nickname was apply coined and extremely appropriate.
Not too sure there will be another Sparky. For a reasonably small
fellow (170 lbs., 5’7″) in relationship to other baseball players, he was
a very big man that walked with a big stick. And, the league and MLB
knew it.

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