Game 116: vs. SD



Dusty’s choice today…
Hitting stats – 2 hole this season:
Cozart – 261 AB – .257/.284/.372/.656
Robinson – 33 AB – .227/.292/.273/.564
Frazier – 3 AB – .000/.400/.000/.000
Paul – 26 AB – .308/.357/.577/.934
Heisey – 79 AB – .214/.276/.371/.648

Here we go again. Dusty Baker is so stupid Just when you think he does something that works, ( Frazier batting second) he puts him on the bench . Haven’t we’ve see Cozart in the 2 hole before . IT DOESN’ T WORK. FIRE DUSTY NOW !!!!!!!

AMEN Jim !!!!!!!!!!

So tonight we are being snuffed by a Tyson Ross during ‘must win time’.
Not to get carried away, but the kid is:
2-5 W-L
2.91 ERA
56 SO
27 BB
1.22 WHIP
Not bad but not good when it comes to a team that MUST BEAT
the underlings. We best pick it up or we be done; 1 R…are you
kidding me?

When you can’t play fundamental baseball you lose to poor teams.

All I can do is shake my head and say wow. Listening to Doc Rogers and I don’t know what is worse, the way the Reds played tonight or listening to Doc Rogers and his ******** callers.

Cozart , 0-3 , 2 strikeouts . Hannahan, 3 errors . Enough said. Someone please tell Dusty it’s home stretch time . Time to quit playing the happy system . FIRE DUSTY NOW!!!!!

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