Game 114: vs. A’s

Lineup for today’s game:

Shin-Soo Choo 8
Todd Frazier 5
Joey Votto 3
Brandon Phillips 4
Jay Bruce 9
Xavier Paul 7
Zack Cozart 6
Corky Miller 2
Homer Bailey 1

Yes, that is Todd Frazier in the two-hole. Frazier is hitless in his last nine games (0-for-28), so it will be interesting to see what Dusty Baker has to say about batting him second.


I won’t judge, but I can’t wait to see the results of this experiment.

Finally, someone reads my blog, good job Dusty. Putting Frazier in the two hole could possibly get him more fastballs, which is the only pitch he can hit. If he can stay away from chasing the curve, he can be productive. I’m not holding my breath, but at least Dusty’s trying something. That’s what we want, right?

fraz is going to rip it tonight …..

not that I dont think its worth a try, but why would a pitcher change his approach to a batter depending on where they are in the line up. That would be the dumbest thing I can think of. Well I usually get him out on change ups but he was in the 2-hole and Votto was up next. I had to throw the fastball… Only rational I can think would be fear of walking him. But seriously.

Drew, I totally agree with you, always thought the same thing. Yet every manager says it, so I’m going to believe them I guess.

No. 2 hitter: Managers often used a hitter with exceptional bat control in the number 2 spot. Such hitters might be called on to sacrifice, but often are used in hit-and-run situations. Speed often was a desired component at this high spot in the order.
No. 2 hitter: A study by the New Jersey Institute of Technology showed that the team’s best hitter should hit second, giving him more at-bats during the course of a season. This batter should have a high OBS and a better slugging percentage than the leadoff hitter.

Dusty uses whomever needs a lift in batting/contact due to the preponderance of FBs the opposition throws in order to not set the table for Votto/Bruce. The theory is obvious; one swing of the bat could plate 1 or more R. It worked in the first inning, but we merely scored 1 R when we could have plated several more; bases loaded and nobody out. Frazier is now 0-31 and I don’t see him hitting in the 2 hole for very long. Based on who we have available, Heisey or Robinson or even Paul are better selections, imo; if for no other reason, speed and bunting ability. None of the three, nor Frazier, have been called “contact” hitters.

Some follow up numbers of the four…
Robinson – 24.1% SO, .253/.324/.329/.654
Frazier – 25.7% SO, .235/.325/.387/.712
Heisey – 24.4% SO, .218/.269/.395/.663
Paul – 26.6% SO, .233/.330/.389/.719

I thought Robinson would be our #1 Left Field and our #2 batter.

Dale…I think it’s all pie in the sky anyway. Dusty has made up his mind imo; when Ludwick returns (very soon) he will play LF and bat cleanup, which will put Phillips back into the 2 hole. When that occurs, Frazier will return to #6 in the lineup and hopefully be the RBI guy he was always thought to be. The real question is who will be sent down when Ludwick returns? Paul? In any event, I think Dusty wants to get to the following lineup and get it some play time prior to the playoffs:

Speaking of Robinson though…it wouldn’t surprise me to see him ready to fill in for Hamilton in CF next season (2014). And, if Hamilton can’t hit ML pitching, I suspect Robinson would be given the lead for CF. At minimum, Robinson is a very valuable fill in for LF or CF; can hit in the bigs, run like a deer and can bunt. Very versatile fellow. All of this in the event we can’t sign Choo (I don’t think we will).

Robinson will be sent down. He’ll get some everyday playing time in Louisville. He’ll be back in three weeks. Need a good left handed stick off the bench, Paul stays.

Any one else seeing Votto heating up? I am really hoping that he can go on one of those tears where he hits .400 for a month or more. If him and Bruce get hot at the same time, they could make an interesting run.

Hamilton watch…
Triple-A: Columbus 9, Louisville 5: Billy Hamilton was 2 for 3 with a double and two runs scored. Over his last 20 games, Hamilton is hitting .313/.360/.410.

Hamilton’s numbers through 8/8…
Hamilton CF 103 421 65 108 16 2 6 39 146 34 92 68 12 .311 .347 .257 .658 6

I’ve never been a Billy Hamilton fan, but those numbers are pretty good for his first full year there.

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