Game 112: vs. Cardinals

Cincinnati has lost five straight series against St. Louis dating back to last season, but the Reds have a chance to end that drought today.


Shin-Soo Choo 8
Xavier Paul 7
Joey Votto 3
Brandon Phillips 4
Jay Bruce 9
Todd Frazier 5
Zack Cozart 6
Devin Mesoraco 2
Mike Leake 1


To me it’s so frustrating to march Arroyo and Leake out in this series when we could have set the rotation however we wanted coming out of the all star break. It obviously would have taken some foresight which our manager isn’t the best at doing. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Arroyo and Leake will probably get shelled by the patient and good hitting Cardinals. They make you make quality pitch after quality pitch and pitchers like Arroyo and Leake need to have pinpoint control to pitch well vs. teams like that because they don’t have the stuff to get away with mistakes. The Reds in recent years NEVER re-arrange the rotation for big series while the Cardinals do it often in recent years. Dusty would be too worried about hurting someone’s feelings. I’m tied of watching the same emotionless and poor performance. I know they want to win and are trying their bests but the Reds haven’t performed well in these big series over the years. They don’t seem to be able to rise up to the pressure. It’s really quite alarming and disappointing that it hasn’t gotten any better over the years and to me it seems like watching the Bungles of old … resigned to expecting something bad to happen and when it does …. instead of fighting through the tough times and grinding it out to get back in the game they just drop their heads and take the pounding. Ugh! I’m for one really tired of it. Can someone please at least get mad, argue a call, throw a helmet down, scream at a teammate to get their heads out of their arses or something that at least shows that it bothers you. Please! I know it feels like it’s all slipping away but I’ve watched so many years of baseball growing up when the Reds are decent to know they’ll probably get within striking distance a couple more times … but there is little to no reason to believe that it will be a different result the next time watching this team. To sum it all up … if we don’t make the playoffs and advance it’s time to have a new manager. I can’t continue to stand to watch the same stuff over and over. What a waste of a good team!

Another reason to let Arroyo go; enter Cingrani. It only enhances the team; money wise, pitching wise and youthful wise. What reason would we keep Arroyo (not to sound crass or to belittle his efforts; remember, it’s all business if you want to win the ring…). Arroyo now throws junk and hits 89 MPH; tops.

With this game in the bottom of the 9TH I think it was nice of the Reds to allow the Cards to have batting practice in GABP. Not only that, but it was nice of the Reds to provide the opposition pitching and fielding.

What is causing all of the turmoil behind the scenes? Is it one of the new players? Is it because of the players that are no longer here? Is it dissension? I have no idea if Phillips is a problem behind the scenes but I do remember four instances where he has caused a commotion. No evidence of this one other than the public comments that were being made at the time: Phillips was not happy with Josh Hamilton having a coach to look after him (Jerry Narron’s brother). Hamilton was traded (not that that was a bad thing). Phillips ran his mouth about the Cardinals (some players wished he would have not said it). Phillips ran his mouth in public about the Dusty Baker contract extension negotiation and made comments towards ownership at that time. Phillips ran his mouth earlier this year in the interview. I am starting to question whether he is the distraction.

I can’t see where there is any turmoil behind the scenes; nothing I have read or seen anyway, however there is a lack of fire, intensity and/or positive emotion on this team. You are right, Phillips should have kept his mouth shut, but I don’t think the team made too much about it. We are just a dead team right now that continues to go to the plate and swing from their heels. Heck, look at Cozart; he got lucky and hit it out today. Problem with this team is that we cannot live by the long ball; plain and simple. Dusty is pretending to manage this team, but to send player after player to the plate without any clue how to hit in the situation is ludicrous. I’d go on but this has been happening ever since he got there; not Cozart, Dusty. Players need to play, coaches need to coach and the manager needs to manage. Fire under players asses are fueled from the top down, not the bottom up. And lastly, if there is a negative root cause in the locker room, it takes a leader to resolve OR it takes an inspired manager. You don’t hire inspired leaders unless they come with the position; you do hire managers that are capable of inspiring…it’s part and parcel of being a manager. At least I thought it was looking at the most successful teams in MLB. Remember Sparky?

BTW…doesn’t the 3rd base coach send the signs in? Where does he get them? Right.

I have always thought BP was the Reds version of Chad Johnson especially when Griffey and Dunn were the so called leaders.. Where some of the stuff seems harmless and fun but it’s really too much me. I believe Rolen got him back on the correct path so I don’t think BP has gone down the same path as Chad Johnson but there are a lot of similarities … hopefully with Rolen now gone BP doesn’t ever completely go down that path but he sometimes flirts with that line if not cross it.

It’s well and good to say fire Dusty but who exactly would the Reds get to replace him? Bobby Valentine? Is there really a high caliber manager on the market who would come to Cincinnati? Personally I think the problem is organization and related to scouting. The Cards and Braves always have a solid game plan for each hitter and pitcher they face. The Reds never do. Every time they face a pitcher they act as though they have never seen him before.

Like I said , The Cardinals OWN the Reds. There is NO fire on this team and it all starts with Dusty. He wouldn’t argue a call if his life depended on it .It’s not all his fault but he is the one who will take the fall. No kick butt attitude. The Cardinals embarrassed the Reds and they could care less. Thank God for football.

Not happy about how its going. Maybe I am being optimistic, but I see how teams in the past looked horrible at times and still find a way once they make the playoffs. Lets just make the playoffs right now. All of this means nothing if this team can go to Stl and beat them. That would be the ultimate slap in the face. I just hope that this team can hang on.

“Let’s just make the play-offs now”

WHY? So we can have a one-game and done post-season, for the sake of saying “WOOHOO we made the play-offs!”??? No thank you!

The Reds were out-played and out-coached and out-managed by the Cardinals at every level, once again. The Reds have an under .500 record since last May. That’s 2 1/2 months of below average baseball, that’s nost just a slump anymore. This is an ordinary team with much talent that isn’t showing. This is a team of pretenders, not contenders.

If it sounds like I’m not happy, let me give you a hint: I was at the game yesterday. We made the cardinal (ha!) mistake of arriving just a tad late, at the middle of the first inning. I saw the score as we walked in, and turned to my friend and say “the game’s over already!”

Making the playoffs is our season.
Here are the key teams we need to contend with:
Home vs. ARIZONA (4) – Mon 8/19-Thurs 8/22
Away vs. CARDS (3) – Mon 8/26 – Wed 8/28
Home vs. CARDS (4) – Mon 9/2 – Thurs 9/5
Away vs. PIRATES (3) – Fri 9/20 – Sun 9/22
Home vs. PIRATES (3) – Fri 9/27 – Sun 9/29 (last three games of regular season)
We also play the Dodgers for 3 which looks daunting based on their current play (14 consecutive road wins; record is 17)

Reds scored 9 runs in 9th to beat Cards 13-4 on April 8th, since then out scored 75-29. OMG…how embarrassing. Like we are some tough team.

One of the best quotes by a sportswriter I have ever heard…
“A-Rod back at 3rd, batting 4th, pleading the 5th”.
(didn’t hear who the sportswriter was)

Wild Card Stats…
The Reds are 61-51 with 50 games to go; if we play .500 ball (25-25) we would end up with 86 wins. D-Backs are 56-55 with 51 games to go, they would need to go 30-21 to catch the Reds. Washington is 54-57 with 51 games to go; they would need to go 32-19 to catch the Reds.

A tweet about Mesoraco…

“I told my @Reds friends that Devin will bat in the cleanup spot before his career is over! Nice to put some #’s on the board.” 7:27 PM – 3 Aug 2013

From the best catcher in MLB, all time!

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