Game 111: vs. Cardinals

This is Jeremy Warnemuende filling in for Mark. He’ll be back for the San Diego series next weekend.

The Reds optioned right-handed reliever Curtis Partch to Triple-A Louisville today. Pedro Villarreal gets the call-up from Louisville for his third stint in the Majors this season. He made his only appearance on June 5 against the Rockies, pitching in an emergency role after Johnny Cueto couldn’t start because of his injured right shoulder. Villarreal threw 3 2/3 innings in that game, giving up six runs on 10 hits and two walks.

Manager Dusty Baker utilized five relievers in Friday’s 13-3 loss, as Aroldis Chapman and Manny Parra were the only guys left in the bullpen at the end of the night. Not an ideal way to start a huge series against the Cardinals. Partch replaced starter Bronson Arroyo in the fourth and walked four batters, gave up three hits and surrendered five runs, including two homers, in 1 1/3 innings.

Here’s today’s lineup for Game 2 against St. Louis:

Shin-Soo Choo 8
Chris Heisey 7
Joey Votto 3
Brandon Phillips 4
Jay Bruce 9
Jack Hannahan 5
Zack Cozart 6
Devin Mesoraco 2
Tony Cingrani 1


Dusty needs to right this ship and fast…Time is running out… T2

Yep…52 G left; 5.5 G back and 3.5 G ahead of the oncoming crew from AZ.

I would have left Arroyo in for another inning and told Partch he was finishing the game. That game was over before it even started.

By John Erardi
After viewing that classic moment online the other night, I cued up another one. The one of Bengals coach Marvin Lewis dressing down his team behind closed doors (as captured on HBO’s ‘‘Hard Knocks’’) in 2009.
It got me thinking: What might it sound like if Lewis was managing the Reds? We realize baseball isn’t football, but it might go something like this:
“‘Listen to me. This is going to be a long 53 games we’ve got left! This is a grind. And you can’t get picked off first base, ya’ can’t get deked at second base, ya’ can’t forget your sunglasses — and for the love of Abner Doubleday, when ya’ do remember your sunglasses, ya’ gotta put ‘em under the brim of your cap right side up, not upside down.
‘‘Ya’ can’t run on contact from second base when the ball is hit on the left side of the infield, ya’ can’t try to steal third with one out with Joey Votto standing at the plate, ya’ can’t get thrown out by 10 yards trying to turn a single into a double!
“‘Some of you wonder why you don’t play and start. Because you don’t know how to bunt, because you don’t know how to hit and run! So you better make up your mind what you’re gonna do! It’s your baseball team! Find a way to fix it. Reach down inside and be a !#$%!#% pro!’’
Yes, it sure would be nice if somebody would get this Reds team to make up its mind what it’s going to do, to remind them it’s their baseball team, to tell them they need to find a way to fix it.
In other words, to reach down inside and be a !#$%!#% pro.
Be a !#$%!#% pro — or let the skipper take the fall.

Why do the Cardinals own the Reds ? Let me count the reasons. They are a patient hitting team which is also why they own Arroyo. They don’t swing at all that off speed stuff. They hit and run and know how to play small ball , something the Reds know nothing about. They have more depth in the minor leagues , something the Reds are working on. The Cardinals have leadership , the Reds do not. The cardinals have confidence , the Reds don’t. The Reds have a team of laid back personalities and never show a sense of urgency. Until some or all of this changes , the results will always be the same.

Arroyo is one of the most durable SP I have ever seen. He has not missed a starting assignment, ever…dating back to little league. That is quite some statistic. He has a record with the Reds of 100 W and 91 L. Unfortunately, there are 3 things that I suspect will be why he won’t sign another contract with the Reds; 1) he will be 37 in February, 2) he makes $11.5m this season, and 3) he wants a 3 year contract. Lastly, and probably the most important reason he won’t be signed is that Cingrani is waiting in the wings and ready for prime time. The salary exchange; one for the other is also a major incentive, especially when we consider our huge salary level compared to last year ($82m-$105m). I suspect the Reds will make a token attempt of signing him to a contract, however it will be feeble and not accepted; more of a face saving attempt. After all it has been a two way street; he has served the Reds well, and the Reds have treated him well.

I would assume that most of you already heard this, but it’s worth posting on the board for those that can’t catch the games…
RISP batting averages:
Cards = .337
Cingrani = .106
Wow! that is a huge stat that we need pitching on this team. Shut down Cueto
for the year and mend in Cingrani for the season; it would do the Reds more good
this year and next.

reds need a vocal leader which they don’t have….would not hurt to have Rolen in that clubhouse…he can still play D and he can still hit as good as frazier is right now….

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