Quiet Trade Deadline for Reds

The Trade Deadline day Wednesaday was mostly quiet around MLB. One major deal was done — starting pitcher Bud Norris from the Astros to Orioles, was the big move of the day.

For the Reds, it was crickets.

“Today was completely dead — nothing,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said. “This was the quietest today deadline day I’ve had. “It started to pick up the last few days like it always does. (Tuesday) was very busy. But in the end, the guys we wanted weren’t available, and didn’t get traded.”

Jocketty would not identify the players the Reds were targeting, but it appeared the club had at least inquired on outfielder Hunter Pence and lefty reliever Javier Lopez from the Giants and Cubs lefty reliever James Russell.

I will have more from Jocketty soon on Reds.com/MLB.com.

The only Reds transaction I can relay for Wednesday is that RHP Greg Reynolds cleared waivers and was sent outright to Triple-A Louisville.


This puts a premium on Ludwick’s quick ramp up – how’s he doing?

Max…from yesterday: Ryan Ludwick was 1-for-3 with a double and a RBI on Monday for Triple-A Louisville in latest rehab assignment game. Ludwick is 2-for-12 in five rehab games for Louisville and Class A Dayton.

Allright…4 days off this month (August); however, start it off tough and stop giving days off to players that are playing well and learning; Heisey, Robinson and Mesoraco come to mind:
7/3 – .173/.195/.293
7/31 – .221/.270/.407
7/1 – .265/.346/.335
7/31 – .261/.335/.342
7/3 – .245/.320/.371
7/30 – 251/.313/.386
We have made no trades so the increase in production must come from
within. Now, with that said, let’s let the players play everyday!

BTW…I would suggest that all 3 players are either superior players at their positions, or
they are learning their positions and playing them better than at the beginning of the year.

Here’s a thought…move Mesoroco up the the #6 spot and drop Frazier down to #7 or #8 in the lineup. Frazier has been a little disappointing the 2nd half of the season and Mesoroco appears to be catching on to major league pitching at this time.

Not a very bad idea. Frazier is susceptible to the ‘off-speed’ stuff and it was only a matter of time before the scout’s folders were full of notes about this fact; therefore the SP and BP around the league were fully aware. 3rd basement aren’t suppose to hit .236, are they. He and Cozart must relearn hitting, as did Heisey who is getting back on track. Takes coaches and takes commitment.

Well…we are ranked #12 in the silly ranking. I kinda think we are ranked 3rd in the ranking that counts; the NL Central. To me, we seem to be an imbalanced team. We have SP one night; superior BP one night, but very little hitting any night. We can say that we were tough before, but that has nothing to do with now. Before is reality; tomorrow is promise. We certainly don’t look like a team that can overcome diversity.
Pirates and Cards look the part. Even if we make the playoffs, I’m not sure we could do much. Hope I am 100% wrong, but I don’t think so. What will be interesting is what the Reds’ brass does after this season. Am I throwing in the towel? No. But the writing is on the wall. World Series? Get Series-ous!

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