Game 109: at SD



why does Dusty insist on running Frazier, Heisey and Cozart out there?! They are a combined 4-44 in the last 5 games. But then again, the bench options are no better

The real issue is we have 4 good everyday players: Choo, Votto, Phillips and Bruce. The rest we are wishing and hoping they can chip in. With Choo dinged up, BP struggling and Votto not being a mega superstar it’s really hard to score runs. We are at least one good bat short and probably two. Unfortunately, Frazier looks like he’s a good utility player (1B, 3B, LF) but not an every day player. He’s someone you don’t mind that he’s in the lineup but you don’t want him in the lineup every day. Even when you are struggling you have to find a way to get runners in from third with less than two outs. Frazier, Cozart, Mesoraco and others go up there swinging at anything and everything thrown up there. It’s really hard to watch. Why is it so hard for major league players to realize that it’s the pitcher in trouble … make them throw strikes and when they do put a good swing on it. We’re up there swinging from our heels at the first thing we see which is often a curve low and away! it’s maddening! I feel like the Reds struggle right before the deadline often … is that my imagination or is it true most of the last several years? It would fall in line with our team & manager … they worry about too much stuff.

It goes without saying that the Reds provide very little emphasis on situational hitting and further, have deep rooted problems in their plate disciplines. It obviously is catching up with them at the MLB level. Further, the Reds cannot be oblivious to this situation and it will be interesting to see how it is resolved in the future. Allowing players to stand at the plate and just swing at anything, regardless of the situation, is not one of the options; it’s already been tried and has shown to fail again and again.
Louisville Bats/International League rankings
BA .249 (13th of 14)
OBP .313 (13th)
SLG .370 (13th)
OPS .683 (14th)
BB 264 (12th)
Double-A Pensacola/Southern Leauge rankings
BA .222 (10th of 10)
OBP .303 (10th of 10)
High-A Bakersfield, California League rankings
BA .258 (6th of 10)
OBP .324 (8th)
Runs (10th)
Low-A Dayton, Midwest League rankings
BA .257 (7th of 16)
OBP .321 (13th)
BB (15th)
(data provided by Lance Mcallister; July 11, 2013)

Couldn’t help myself and had to look it up:
On May 31, the Reds were 34-21.
In the full 2 months since then, they are 25-28.
In other words, they are playing at a sub .500 level for half of the season to date. Does anyone really think that they are going to magically turn it around and post a stretch like they had in May (19-8)? I hope I’m wrong but I just don’t see it.

R U Serious??? Robinson bunts a base hit; followed by Heisy single to left…2 on nobody out. Robinson tries to steal 3rd base and is thrown out. R U kidding me???
Who is running this team; who is coaching this team? Lunacy illustrated at the little league level. Good god guys…stop the insanity! Who is responsible?

…then Phillips singles. lord, help me.

Who the hell runs this team? Who the hell makes the baseball decisions during the games? The Reds play today reminds me of an old game; ‘giveaway checkers’.
Un-frigging-believable. We play like this? You gotta be kidding!

Bailey has the least R support than any other pitcher in all of MLB, other than one…
AJ Burnett.

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