Game 107: at SD

Reds lineup vs. Padres

Robinson 8
Izturis 4
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Paul 7
Mesoraco 2
Cozart 6
Leake 1


Should be fun to watch.

Reds Inquired On Hunter Pence
By Tim Dierkes [July 29 at 3:32pm CST]
MLB Trade Rumors
“The Reds inquired on Giants right fielder Hunter Pence, tweets Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, but it doesn’t look like a match so far. It seems an odd fit for the Reds, who have Jay Bruce and Shin-Soo Choo entrenched in their outfield and Ryan Ludwick on a rehab assignment following April shoulder surgery.”
“Pence, 30, is hitting .277/.320/.457 in 440 plate appearances this year and is hitting .259/.300/.401 since June 1st. He has around $4.6MM remaining on his contract. The Giants reportedly plan to make a qualifying offer after the season, setting the bar for a potential trade this month.”
This inquiry is very, very interesting. It also points out that none of us are on
Jocketty’s wave length! It also points to an additional move or trade of an existing player. Very interesting…

One other note on CF for next season…either Robinson may pan out, or Bruce could shift over to CF (already told Baker he would do it for this season before Choo was obtained). Bruce has a stellar arm, as we all know, and the position requires or requests such an attribute. Maybe Jocketty is looking at Ludwick in LF, Bruce in CF and Pence in RF come April 2014. I am still of the opinion that Choo is out of the question; too much dinero and too much time on the new contract. Also, Choo leads MLB in outs made vs LHP. His .176 BA and .198 SLG against LHP is among the worst in MLB.

More on the speculative Pence rumor from Lance Mcalister…
“What would Reds have to give up?”
“The Reds would likely look at Pence as a rental player. He makes $13.8M (about $4.6 prorated) and will become a free agent at the end of the year.”
“The Reds have Bruce locked up in RF, Ludwick owed $7.5m next year and at least a buyout of $4.5M for 2015, plus Billy Hamilton at Triple-A.”
“Pence rakes vs LHP and is an emotional leader. But where would Pence play? He has never played LF.”
“What would SF need?: They lack a LF, have a CF (Angel Pagan coming off hamstring surgery), and face potential free agency for pitchers Tim Lincecum and Ryan Vogelson. Keep in mind, if Giants make Pence a qualifying offer as a departing free agent and he signs elsewhere, then the Giants receive a sandwich draft pick between 1st and 2nd rounds. The signing team, meanwhile, would forfeit its 1st round choice — unless it’s a top-10 pick, in which case the team would give up a second-round pick.”
“Is two months of Hunter Pence, for a playoff run, worth Tony Cingrani or Robert Stephenson?”
Good lord NO! I’d rather see the season go up in smoke. I know what the playoff games and monies for such mean to the Reds, but I’d be hard pressed to see Cingrani OR Stephenson leave. (if it happens, and it has to be one of these two, let it be Stephenson…still against it though).

I listen to Lance and think he knows baseball, but he made a similar statement to get Aioka (sp) from Milwaukee. I mean these guys are average players. These are not superstars. You dont trade a top player in baseball for average guys. From what I remember a young starting pitcher even proven like Cingrani is the most valuable position in baseball. So I would be looking for Pence as well as a couple top prospects for Cingrani… Something is a miss here.

Maybe we’ll somehow score a run. Is Choo hurt? Maybe when he got hit by pitch on the elbow or he maybe tweaked his ankle on his steal? BP has been dragging and can use a day off, but does Izturis have to bat second? We are trying to win tonight … right? Just checking🙂

No, there is nothing out there about Choo being dinged. Just some discussion about Choo being rested since June 16th. I suspect that Choo could use another day off; also allowing Robinson another day in CF. If he does well in CF, I would think that that may answer who could play there next year and lead off. San Diego has a pretty big outfield and Robinson can go get em, so I imagine all things considered, Dusty is just giving Choo another day off. Maybe we will see him pinch hit again as he did last night. He’s not a bad lefty to come off the bench.

Mitch, you are right. He tweaked his ankle on the steal.

Only when one thinks that Dusty has already created some interesting lineups; here comes another one. Of course, if we are going to go without Philips, this is the opposition to go against; I suppose. Robinson gets more experience in CF.

If there ever was a lineup for Mike Leake to bat higher in the line-up … this is it!🙂

Let’s face it. The Reds are not as good as the Cardinals . Double that with Dusty’s managing , they”ll be lucky to be the second wild card team. Hope they don’t face a lefty. WE’ll have to get SOMEBODY more experience to get “em going.

And…we have 10 more games with the Cards; 6 more with the Pirates.
Reds 59-47 5 back St Louis, 7 out in loss column.
(Reds trail Pirates by 3.5 for 1st Wild Card, 5 in loss column).
We can still wreak havoc on the top two if we learn to hit!?*
Above all we have to keep an eye on Arizona and the Nats.

Neb, I was thinking about those upcoming Cards series last night. Out of those 10 games, how many do the Reds win? I have no idea but it seems that the Reds lose WAY MORE series against the Cards then they win in the last 2-3 years. So, how many games do the Reds actually gain when all is said and done? 1 maybe 2 if the Reds are playing at the top of their game. The Reds have just wasted away 3 if not 4 games in the last 4 days. Bummer. Does a one game playoff really count as making the playoffs in back to back years? So will the rally cry next year be that they made the playoffs two years in a row? Yes, I am happy to have a winning team but the continued failure against teams with winning records and west coast swings is just, I just don’t know what to say. Bummer…

who…the Reds are a very disappointing team right now. They can’t score against good SP; not even mediocre SP. Dusty continues to keep Jacoby and says his team should all know how to hit by now, but they have the plate smarts and discipline of pee-wee league players. How many times have they swung from their heels to hit that almighty HR? How many times have the Reds opened an inning with a man on 2nd and nobody out, only to not score? How many times have the Reds had runners on 1st and/or 2nd and grounded the ball to the left side of the infield? The list of not thinking at the plate scenarios continues to be this teams failure at scoring R. We are in deep doo-doo this season and are in jeopardy of not even making the playoffs, imo. If it were not for the amazingly brilliant performance of our SP, the Reds would be so far back they might call it a “rebuild” season. Sadly for our terrific owner, the playoffs are where the money really is; as deep as we could go. That is what pays for contracts moving forward; at minimum, it takes the edge off paying for additional and new/pricey players and contracts. Bottomline: we have got to stop plating these 1 R horrific games by using the mentality of ‘HR or no R’. Just look at the last handful of games; when the well runs dry we look like a pathetic offensive team at the plate.

who…interesting that the Cards won 6 of 7 and then, over the last 4, lost all 4. If they won even a couple we would be buried even further. But the Cards aren’t even on the radar screen. We need to focus on disciplined batting/winning as #1. After that we can look at the Pirates, the Cards and the Nats. Or maybe, just maybe, we need to; at the same time, look at our own coaching staff.

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