Game 106: at LA

Reds lineup vs. Dodgers

Robinson 8
Heisey 7
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Cozart 6
Mesoraco 2
Cingrani 1

*Tony Cingrani was recalled from the AZL Reds to make today’s start. To make room on the roster, RHP Greg Reynolds was designated for assignment.


Robinson starting in CF; excellent!

Dang, you would have thought moving Cozart out of the two hole would have fixed all of the problems.

The Reds have exceptional SP, which is holding this team together. However, our lineup cannot hit over .500 team SP, with the exception of Votto. If this doesn’t change very soon, we won’t make the playoffs imo.

I feel like its been this way for 4 yrs now… I think Ludwick was supposed to be that answer. This team needs to figure it out because there are no players available that can help that in a trade. Its going to be one of the years that we just have to hope this team gets hot similar to both Giants World Series runs.

Lance McCallister said it best…
“Just completely and totally, staggeringly, mind numbingly painful to watch with RISP”

On a happier note, I think Cingrani is ready for prime-time; he pitched lights out!

Does anyone think that these Reds, almost close to two-thirds into the season, are all of the sudden going to change and come anywhere close to the 2012 team that won at one point 22 out of 25 (and without Votto no less)? I don’t expect any major change. Each time it looks like they *might* get better (as in the 4 games at the Giants), they come back are lay a dud like the 4 games at the Dodgers. If it wasn’t for the strong SP (and heck also the bullpen), this team would already be completely out of play-off contention. The Reds may make the play-offs, as a WC, but what does it matter? I don’t see any sign that they could go deep into the play-offs (and I hope I am totally wrong on this).

right but neither did the Giants, I remember them being easy pickings both years. They got hot and found a way.

Reds: 17-28 vs +.500 teams, 42-19 vs -.500 teams.
Reds 26-28 in last 54 games, after starting 33-19.
We best get it together real quick; there are only 56 games remaining.
And, regardless the oppositions’ record or SP! (you hear that lineup?)

Let’s keep playing Mesoraco everyday!
From Hal McCoy
“He is getting better day day, offensively and defensively. He had a double Sunday, one of three Cincinnati hits.”
“And the play he made Saturday was one of the best, if not smartest, defensive play I’ve seen in a long, long time.”
“Aggressive rookie Yasiel Puig singled to right field and, as always, he took a big, big turn at first base. What he didn’t know was that catcher Mesoraco followed him down the first base line.”
“When right fielder Jay Bruce saw Mesoraco covering first base, he threw behind Puig. As Puig frantically fled back toward first, Mesoraco dropped a shin guard in front of first base, blocking it like a stopped up drain and Puig was picked off.”
Everyday play has raised Mesoraco’s numbers as well: .256/.319/.396/.715.

One other note about Mesoraco…we traded Grandal even though the Padres wanted Mesoraco. We have coveted him. We think he will be our full time catcher one day. We think he will be our full time clean up hitter one day. Given this, why in the heck did it take Hanigan getting hurt in order for Mesoraco to play everyday and show his mettle by raising all of his averages in addition to raising his play behind home plate? When Hanigan gets off the DL will Mesoraco go back to platooning, or will he be left at the catcher position to play full time? Seems like a no brainer to me; the kid is playing right into the position that we wanted him to succeed into from day one.

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