Jocketty: ‘It’s been very quiet’

The non-waivers Trade Deadline is less than a week away (Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET) and there hasn’t been much in the way of rumblings from the Reds.

“It’s very quiet. There have been a lot of conversations but nothing of substance,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said on Thursday during batting practice at Dodger Stadium.

Jocketty and much of his inner circle is on the road trip. Among the things the Reds have their eye on is a right-handed bat to help the offense. But the team is in a situation where they feel they can afford to wait on the return of left fielder and right-handed bat Ryan Ludwick, who began a rehab assignment on Wednesday. It’s a similar situation with pitching as the Reds await the return of ace Johnny Cueto and key relievers Jonathan Broxton and Sean Marshall.

“When we get them back, it strengthens our club even more,” Jocketty said. “I don’t want to trade prospects to improve the club.

“Unless something develops in the next week, I’m not sure you’ll see us do anything.”

I will have more from Jocketty in my Reds notebook tonight — including his thoughts on whether the July 31 deadline should get pushed back.


Does he know we are 5 games out and can’t afford to lose anymore ground.

Cardinals haven’t beat a team with a winning record since 6/29 and they haven’t won a series over a team with winning record since beating the Reds on 6/7 thru 6/9. They have four straight series coming up against teams with winning records. I’m not worried just yet.

I agree with Joketty right now. I dont want to give up the few elite prospects we have right now. I would not hate giving up Hamilton, still not sure he is the real deal. I dont want to give up anymore pitching. Gone are the power days, now pitching wins… I would also love this team to be able to make a run for Choo at end of year.

Reds can definitely keep Choo, but to do that, they have to trade Latos, Bailey, or Cueto, because they can’t pay all three of them big money for the long term. I think you’ll see one of them gone in the next couple of years. If Cingrani and Stephenson are here full time in two years, the Reds would have money to pay Choo.

Really it seems the biggest mistake has been the purchase of our bullpen. Latos, Bailey and Cueto are very cost effective right now for at least 2 or 3 more years. But with the Broxton move that really seems to have limited this club. I would think the Choo signing would bring in such an Asian import of sales that it would pay for itself. Especially if the Reds market that just right. You have to think Cingrani takes Arroyo spot unless they re-sign Arroyo and trade Bailey while the price is high. I like his potential but he just doesnt seem like a personality fit on this team. I could be completely wrong.

How did Greg Reynolds seem to you guys? Is he a ‘possible’ for a future rotation?

The two biggest money makers for a MLB team are attendance and local tv rights. Both of those revenue streams are projected to increase; as did our overall salaries for the last few seasons…
2011 – $75.9m
2012 – $82.2m
2013 – $107.5m
Also, we already have a few players that need to be signed; Bailey and Latos.
From all I have seen and read, Choo will be requesting a contract in the $12-$13m range for 3+ seasons. Also, from what I have read, he likes the Reds and probably would like to play for the Reds for several years, however he was told by Boras to not discuss the future until the end of the season. I personally do not see us signing Choo to such a healthy contract. What would help the Reds make dollar decisions for next season would be for us to make the playoffs and have a number of playoff home games; pure gravy! One last note, any Reds’ fan should be thanking their lucky stars for our current owner; Castellini, because the last few (Schott, Lindner) before him didn’t know what they were doing and deprived fans of any kind of competitive team. Castellini is a godsend and we, the fans, will reap the benefits of his ownership.

if the reds give choo the qualifying offer will we then get the additional first round pick if he refuses?

I can’t imagine the Reds trading Bailely, Latos or Cueto. They didn’t trade Bailey when he was mediocre; now that he appears to have learned how to pitch, can’t see him leaving the Reds. He is only 27 and he sports a 3.84 ERA. He is very strong and just now coming into his power years (27-31). Latos is also very strong and very durable and very young (25). His has a 3.39 ERA and a number of prospects were traded for him, so I don’t see him not being a Red for years to come. Cueto is Cueto and if he can resolve his injury, the Reds couldn’t and wouldn’t trade their #1 starter. Resolving his injury finally and completely should be their #1 priority. They have achieved what they have achieved while missing Cueto, Marshall and Broxton for much of the season. All should not play a game until 100% healed.

I bet they can keep Choo if Arroyo walks away. All of Arroyo’s money put toward Choo is a pretty significant amount.

It is a fair amount; $11.5m. However, we need to keep in mind that Bailey and Latos are in need of extended contracts. The other hurdle the Reds would need to scale if they signed Choo to a long term agreement, what about Hamilton and their lengthy investment…what would they do with him? In my view, I would put my chips down on Robinson. As I indicated in another post, I would school him in the off season for CF next year; let Choo go and deal Hamilton for another necessary piece. Robinson has proven that he can hit MLB pitching; Hamilton, of course, has not.

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