Games 99-102: at SF

I’m off for this series and back on the job from Los Angeles on Thursday. Stay with and for all of your Reds news and game stories.



Bottom 6th: San Francisco
– X. Paul in left field
– D. Robinson in center field ……….hmmmmmmmmm!
– J. Hannahan at first
– C. Izturis at second
– G. Blanco singled to right
– M. Scutaro flied out to right
– G. Quiroz fouled out to first
– P. Sandoval grounded out to second
0 runs, 1 hits, 0 errors
Cincinnati 10, San Francisco 0

“Robinson also provided the defensive highlight. Jeff Francoeur’s two-out fly to center in the ninth appeared destined for the other side of the fence, and even Arroyo thought his shutout was gone. Robinson instead made a leaping grab after the ball initially popped out of his glove.”
And, he appears to be more than capable of playing CF; after all, he has blazing speed and very good instincts. Sadly, we still need a bona fide clean up hitter (Ludwick?).

If the Reds make ‘no changes’ this season, our lineup on opening day 2014 may well look like this…
Robinson CF
Phillips 2B
Votto 1B
Ludwick LF
Bruce RF
Frazier 3B
Cozart SS
Mesoraco C
Cueto P

Three out of four in SF! Maybe this road trip won’t be the stake in the heart of the Reds pennant hopes. Maybe.

Reds scored 20 runs the last 2 days despite their 2 hole hitters combining to go 2-14 with no Runs or RBI.

April 27th – .173/.195/.293/.488
July 24th – .227/.282/.420/.703
I disagree 100% on this platooning in LF. Look at Mesoraco…pressed into daily service and he now is hitting like they thought he should (now – .262/.327/.405/.732. when Hanigan went of DL – .234/.308/.345/.653) . Why? Because he is playing every day. If he is going to be our C of the future, play him every day. Back to Heisey, play him full time in LF; the guy is on fire. It appears to me that Robinson should be schooled in CF in the off season. He could be our full time CF for years to come. A natural lead off hitter that can bunt and is disciplined when at the plate (.270/.348/.340/.689). This taking out a player when he is seeing the ball well and hitting well isn’t the way I would manage a team. We need to play the best 9 players, every single day. Othewise we can kiss the playoffs goodbye this season. The reality is that both Heisey and Mesoraco are starting to scald the ball because they are playing consecutive days; that is until the DL forces Dusty to play Mesoraco every day. Heisey is still on and off depending on Dusty.

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