Ludwick to play for Dayton

Reds outfielder Ryan Ludwick, out since separating his shoulder on Opening Day with a headfirst slide, will play in games again this week. Ludwick will report to Class A Dayton on Wednesday. The Dragons will be playing at Lansing.

“I feel good,” Ludwick said. “I’ve had some sore days but nothing that hasn’t gotten better within a day or two. I’d say I’m getting more sore if areas other than my shoulder – my back and my legs and wrist. It’s going to a progress. It’s obviously going to be a longer rehab assignment. We’ll see how he plays out.”

Usually veterans go to rehab assignments where affiliates are playing home games. This week, Triple-A Louisville, Double-A Pensacola and Dayton are all on the road.

Ludwick, who had surgery to repair a torn labrum, can be on a rehab assignment for up to 20 days. He hoped he would not need all of them.

“But I’m not in charge either,” Ludwick said. “I let those guys make the decisions and I play.”


By John Fay
“When Chris Heisey came back from spending seven weeks on the disabled list, he said he had worked with hitting coaches Brook Jacoby and Ronnie Ortegon during his time off on his approach.”

“So far, Heisey has looked like a different hitter. He was hitting .173 with a .195 on-base before he went on the DL. He’s .409/.462/.955 in July.”

MLB Trade Rumors
July 20
By Zach Links
“The Reds are one of the teams that have inquired about the Phillies’ Michael Young, but they remain in a difficult spot. Three of their most important pitchers, Jonathan Broxton, Johnny Cueto, and Sean Marshall, remain on the DL. They’re getting below average production out of third base and left field and both prospect depth and payroll flexibility are issues. A healthy Ryan Ludwick would help matters as well, but he hasn’t played the entire season and he relies on timing more than most.”

Will Phillips Remarks finally get him traded and Votto what could we get for him—-rid the team of the babies.

You’re insane

I like your thinking Dave. Votto is terrible with RISP despite being a great hitter and he does seem like he is “delicate”. Phillips? I like his spunk to be honest. I just wish the Reds pitchers defending him by drilling Mccluthen right between the eyes with a 100 mph fast ball. Let’s see how they like the approach.

You continue to be a moron who ignores any semblance of fact. This year, Votto is hitting 310/471/471. For his career, he’s even better, at 346/477/601. That’s REALLY good

Reds only trading chip is Chapman at this point. We have no other players that teams would be interested in.
Could we convince Jacoby to spend some time with Frazier and Cozart and see if maybe he can teach at least one of them the basics of hitting?

“I’d say I’m getting more sore if areas other than my shoulder – my back and my legs and wrist. It’s going to a progress…. We’ll see how he plays out.”

Did he really say that, Mark? I mean, it’s in quotes and you published it.

I just have a feeling, though, that Ludwick didn’t make three errors in a matter of speaking a single paragraph…

Could be the drugs he is on. Hope he doesn’t fail a steroid test. Although that may be a blessing in disguise especially if Heisey takes off and dominates at the plate.
“Cincinnati relievers have posted a 0.94 ERA over their last 16 games, allowing five earned runs in 47 2/3 inning.” With Broxton and Marshall on the DL, it appears our bullpen is doing just fine.

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