Game 96: vs. PIT

Apologies for another correction but Choo is back in the lead off spot. Heisey was the original lead off batter.



Glad Choo is leading off. His numbers, although limited (30 AB) in the 2 hole are not very good: Leadoff = .299/.440/.494/.933; 2 hole = .167/.257/.200/.457. Heisey has only played one game in the leadoff position; going 1 for 4. Heisey isn’t all that either when hitting in the 2 hole (31 AB) .161/.212/.323/.535. Let’s hope his time off and latest production translates to todays’ game.

Those numbers aren’t the result of him being in the 2-hole. They are lower because they are against left-handed pitching.

This team continues their undisciplined ways. One has to wonder if the coaches even say anything after a player makes a rookie mistake. Mesoraco looked like a softball/sandlot player tonight; running while the ball is in front of him and being thrown out twice on the basepads. Without Phillips big hit, we would have lost this ballgame. Everyone else continues to swing from the heels; Cozart remains lost at the plate while striking out 3x.

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