Soto called up

One roster move to report from today’s Reds workout.

LHP Tony Cingrani was optioned to the AZL Reds and 1B/3B Neftali Soto was recalled from Triple-A Louisville. Cingrani was sent out because of the lengthy break between outings. But he was at the workout at Great American Ball Park.

Cingrani will return to the Reds and pitch one of the games of the July 23 doubleheader at San Francisco.

Under the rules, the Reds don’t have to wait the usual 10 days to get Cingrani back because he can be added as the roster’s 26th man for a doubleheader.

The Reds have not decided/named a starter for the other game of that doubleheader.

UPDATE with other news:

*Dusty Baker was asked how he felt about the Reds having their July 4 rainout with the Giants rescheduled as part of a doubleheader in San Francisco.

“I don’t care. They didn’t ask me,” Baker said. “Everybody asks how I feel about it. We went round and round and they had negoitations between us and the Giants if we were going to be the home team or split the gate. All kinds of stuff was involved in it. I’m involved in the on-the-field stuff. Some of that has to do with baseball business. Some of that has to do with the players association, consecutive days … a bunch of stuff in there.

“I just hope we don’t get any more rainouts.”

*OF Ryan Ludwick was slated to hit on the field in batting practice today. Ludwick hasn’t played since Opening Day and had right shoulder surgery. The exact target date for his return is unknown but the expectation has been some time in August.

*All-Stars Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips and Aroldis Chapman were excused from Thursday’s workout at GABP.


July 19th – Friday – 7:10pm ET
Pittsburgh 56-37 (Road: 24-19)
Cincinnati 53-42 (Home: 30-16)
PIT: F. Liriano (9-3, 2.00)
CIN: M. Leake (8-4, 2.69)
We need to come out – guns blaring! Lineup needs to do a 180
and show they can hit and score some R the smart way; not sit
on their hands hacking at any ball pitched, while waiting for
someone to hit a HR. We won’t even make the playoffs if we
can’t be disciplined at the plate.

National League WC Standings
……………………….W L GB Left
Pittsburgh Pirates 56 37 — 69
Cincinnati Reds 53 42 — 67
Washington Nationals 48 47 5.0 67
Los Angeles Dodgers 47 47 5.5 68
Philadelphia Phillies 48 48 5.5 66
5 games back of Cards with a 5 game lead in the WC standings
ahead of Washington, 5 1/2 games ahead of hot playing Dodgers
and Phillies.

I don’t think the Reds want a #2 wild card with a one game playoff. To make that even tougher is the game will not be at GABP.
I feel certain the sooner Ludwick gets back in the lineup the sooner the Reds will start playing real baseball,,,winning baseball. I believe he is the spark that is needed for the Reds. In the meantime (3) players need to add at least 30 points to their BA;;;Cozart, Frazier, Mesoroco.

Billy Hamilton’s offense slammed
07/19/13 at 12:15am by Dave Clark
Baseball Prospectus’ latest ‘What Scouts are Saying’ article takes a look at several prospects, including the Reds’ Billy Hamilton. Hamilton, an outfielder for the Triple-A Louisville Bats, went 1-for-4 with a stolen base and a run scored – and made a diving catch – on Wednesday night in the Triple-A All-Star game. He’s hitting .243 with an on-base percentage of .300 so far this season for the Bats.

Here’s what a scout had to say about Hamilton in the article:
“The speed is absolutely fantastic. He’s fun to watch when he’s on the bases, but I just don’t see how it’s going to work. There’s nothing else that makes me believe he’s an everyday big leaguer. You can knock the bat out of his hands with good velocity and he doesn’t have the discerning eye to work counts and lay off spin. I just think the hit and on-base comes up short and he’s a virtual zero offensively. If he can figure everything out in center field then maybe has a future hitting eighth or ninth and playing good D, but that’s even stretching it for me.”

Hamilton is just 22 years old, but are you, as a Reds fan, starting to worry? Re-signing Shin-Soo Choo might not be possible with the money he’ll command as a free agent.

Not that this will solve everything. But what about trading for Rios and Ramirez. We can throw Rios in LF for now and give him CF next year and the year after. Ramirez get SS for the next few years. We would have to trade Hamilton, Cozart, and if they eat half the Rios contract throw in Corcino. That is our 1 and 3 best prospects in the minos and a Major league SS. It may be over paying but it would be worth it.

One reality we need to remember; the management is really high on Cozart, regardless of his hitting. His glove is stellar and his range is brilliant. He and Phillips turn tricks out there and play well with each other. I don’t think they would/will trade him; however, I think Dusty is warming to the idea that #7 in the lineup is where he belongs. And, in all honesty, I think the management will wait for Ludwick as it now appears that he will return sometime in the next 4-6 weeks. Remembering, that the guy has another year on his contract and appears to me to be untradeable. Lastly, we need to sign Bailey and Latos to long term deals and I think anybody we sign now will be scrutinized for the salary they are making and will be making over the next several years. That’s why, to me, we would actually be saving salary and curing some holes if we were able to trade Chapman + for Stanton; at least for the foreseeable future. But that appears to be a pipe dream as well. What I think will happen is that if a trade is on the horizon, it will occur and knock the sox’ off us because Jocketty is a master of keeping any rumors off the readings. The other problem I have is reading Jocketty relative to what he perceives as a hole in the lineup or team need. I have no problem dealing Chapman and/or Hamilton regardless of what may or may not occur.

Does anyone else think that Votto is turning into a 20 plus million dollar a year singles hitter ?

yup you got it. Votto is a great singles and doubles hitter who chokes bigtime whenever anyone just so happens to get on base in front of him. Choo should seriously have 80 runs scored already with his on base percentage.

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