Rainout exchange details

Here is a press release from the Reds issued on Tuesday:

The July 4th game between the Giants and Reds at Great American Ball Park, which was postponed due to rain, has been rescheduled for Tuesday, July 23 starting at 7:05 p.m. ET/4:05 p.m. PT at AT&T Park.

This game will be part of a traditional doubleheader, as the second game is scheduled to begin at 10:15 p.m. ET/7:15 p.m. PT at the earliest or approximately 30 minutes following the first contest. The Reds will be the home team and wear their home uniforms in the first game, with the Giants being the away team and wearing their road gray uniforms.

Fans with tickets to the originally scheduled July 4 game may exchange those tickets at face value for any Monday through Thursday 2013 regular-season home game, excluding August 6 and subject to availability. Rain checks may be exchanged at Great American Ball Park ticket windows in advance of game day only.

If fans ordered tickets online at reds.com or over the phone through Ticketmaster, they can contact Ticketmaster customer service at 1-800-745-3000 to exchange tickets.

Tickets for the originally scheduled July 4 game may not be exchanged for the makeup game on July 23 in San Francisco.

***According to the Elias Sports Bureau, statistically, the first game of the doubleheader is a ROAD game for the Reds, even though they will bat last, as the home team does. That means that the Reds will finish the 2013 regular season with 80 home games and 82 road games.


Potential trade…Written by John Erardi and Greg Gajus of Cincinnati Enquirer…
Aroldis Chapman for Giancarlo Stanton. Personally, I would do it, if he were available. He’s probably not. However, this would cure LF, clean up batter and the #2 hole! Also, I think we are deep enough in the bullpen to allow this to occur; I don’t think Chapman will ever be a SP for the Reds. What a lineup we would have…
Cincy would have to re-paint the seats in the outfield every few months with Stanton batting clean up!

I read that and wondered if we could swap Hamilton for Stanton. Probably cost at least another prospect, maybe someone like Corcino too. That is our number 1 and 3rd best prospect. that is a nice haul…

Stanton is proven for commodity. This is his 4th season, and although hurt earlier this year, he is again on track. He’s only 23 (B-Day in November) and won’t be a FA until 2017. He represents no drain on salary as he only makes $537k. His WAR last season was 5.5 when he hit 37 HR. The word on the street (articles) is that Miami has no interest in trading him…unless, of course, someone out there would ‘over trade’. I don’t think Miami is interested in solely prospects for a proven-ultra hitter, unless there were several high potential prospects. That’s why I think we could afford to let Chapman go. As is, he is being misused in my view by being pitched only in save situations and only in the 9th inning. He is making $2m this year, $3m in 2014 and $5m in 2015 under player option. He can file for FA in 2017. Back to the prospects, I think Miami will want several; say Hamilton, Cingrani and Stephenson; something like that. And, if that is the case, I would much prefer to let Chapman walk in return for Stanton. In that way, we are giving up a premiere bullpen pitcher for a premiere power hitter…they may go for something like that; maybe we might have to sweeten the deal a bit, but I really don’t want to see Cingrani or Stephenson leave under any circumstance. Lastly, with Chapman gone off the books, we can start the signing process with Bailey and Latos which will need to take place very soon.

I don’t think that’s fair….why should they make that game up in san fran…I don’t think its right;they should play it in cincy

Chapman may become a Marlin someday, along with Cespedes and Arod.

That would be a lot of money; especially if they keep Stanton. A-Rod will be receiving
a 150 game suspension within 10 days. That would literally take him out of the game
until after the middle of next season. He’s 37 now so I have a sneaky suspicion that he
may retire; only his ego would keep him going, he certainly doesn’t need the money. Rumor
has it that this week he and his handlers are trying to minimize the amount of time. He will
never see the inside of Cooperstown. Braun is on the list and I am told the list also contains another 20 players. Not sure if they are lst or 2nd offenders. lst offenders = 50 games,
2nd = 150 games and 3rd = banned. As we all know, there is only 1 player that is on the
banned list!?*

Bottomline…we need a power hitter in the middle of the lineup and move Phillips to the 2 hole. We scored lot’s of R against the weak teams earlier this season, and we didn’t do as well nor did we beat the better teams. We need a catalyst and it isn’t our SP or BP as they are doing well for another season.
NL rank/15 teams
BA .250 (T8)
OBP .327 (2)
SLG .395 (7)
OPS .722 (4)
RISP .252 (5)
2-out RISP .194 (14)
R 413 (4)
HR 92 (4)
ERA 3.43 (4)
SP ERA 3.40 (3)
Bullpen ERA 3.48 (7)
That OBP is misleading…we get on because of Choo and Votto; just can’t seem to score them as the opposing SP are more than capable of pitching around nearly all the remaining lineup. One day we need to learn ‘situational batting’.

completely agree with the need of a power hitter. There just arent any out there other than Stanton that may be traded. Everyone else has too many gaps in their game, fielding or average, etc. I honestly think we have no chance to get Stanton. I think they would ask for Chapman, Hamilton, and another young pitcher. Would never do it for that.

I was at the July 4th Castellini Money grab. Complete bullsh*t. No rain delay was called until we were all there buying hotdogs and parking. Ruined numerous holidays for the fans as we waited 2 and a half hours to be told the game wasn’t delayed just CANCELLED. Plain cash grab.
How on earth are you guys willing to pick up Stanton for anyone? The guy makes Adam Dunn look like a career Gold Glover. Freaking bum with the glove, bad first jump, strikeout machine.
Sorry guys, bad day.


And again, do some of you folks think rationally when talking about possible trades? Why would Miami, who has a solid young core of pitching and hitting, trade away their mammoth offensive piece? Add to that, for a CLOSER? They are about 2 years away from contending in the NL East and they would trade Stanton? Come on folks. They will live with Cishek until they are ready and maybe they will stick with him after that. Therefore, why would Miami trade for Hamilton (struggling), Cingrani (prove you can throw off speed pitches on a consistent basis for strikes) and Chapman for a PROVEN commodity?

Stanton is young and plays terrible defense. He has had injury concerns and really only 2 years beyond average production for his position. He will begin commanding a lot of money with arbitration. I think Miami very much would like to trade but are making him untradable to up the stock. Why would they want Chapman??? He sells tickets.. He brings a presence to the team. Oh and the population of Miami will want to see him. Its a win win there… Sometime things are done beyond what we can see. If Miami cant sell tickets then they cant increase the payroll which means they cant afford players..

I agree. To dangle a piece or to say we aren’t thinking of trading him; the latter works much better. But, the reality is that Miami probably would be asking too much for the guy. Still, he is
a proven commodity that can hit the hide off the ball. On a different note; I saw an article that posed the following question…Wouldn’t it be nice to have DiDi at SS and leading off, Encarnacion at 3B and batting cleanup and lefty Woods in the rotation? Mistake or hindsight?

I saw that as well. Encarnacion cant play 3B, he plays DH and 1B. His defense at 3B was terrible and offsets whatever production he makes. DiDi is a small sample size though I like his up side. I hated the Woods trade. Why would I ever trade a young LH starting pitcher unless I am getting a lot in return. Instead he was traded with other pieces to get a Relief pitcher. Never agreed to the value of that trade. That was probably the one trade I have disagreed with the most.

Seems like yesterday…
8/09 Encarnacion (25 HR, 72 RBI, .264/.353/.532/.885) ,
Josh Roeniche + minor leaguer TBNL
for Scott Rolen
12/11 Travis Wood (6-6, 2.79 ERA) + 2 TBNL
for Marshall
12/12 Gregorious (5 HR, 19 RBI, .275/.341/.403/.744) and Stubbs
for Chin Soo Choo and Jason Donald

Drew Stubbs; before and after…
2012 – 14 HR, 40 RBI, 30 SB, 7 CS, .213/.277/.333/.610
2013* – 7 HR, 35 RBI, 10 SB, 0 CS, .244/.296/.387/.683
* through 90 games

Shin-Soo Choo…
March/April – .337/.477/.554/1.031
May – .240/.411/.469/.880
June – .224/.364/.347/.711
July* – .396/.467/.528/.995
*through All-Star game
Home (44 G) – .325/.461/.521/.982
Away (48 G) – .254/.393/.422/.815
Vs. RHP (80 G) – .342/.478/.598/1.076
Vs. LHP (55 G) – .175/.312/.202/.513
One thing about Choo…he is truly an OBP machine, regardless
of any situation or circumstance.

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