Game 92: at ATL

One more lineup for the road before I really split for a few days…

Reds lineup vs. Braves

Choo 8
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Heisey 7
Mesoraco 2
Latos 1

*ROSTER MOVE: Catcher Ryan Hanigan was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a sprained left wrist. The contract of catcher Corky Miller was selected from Triple-A Louisville to replace Hanigan on the 25-man roster.


Mark, Why ON EARTH is Dusty still batting Cozart number 2? Your opinion?

Especially, when Heisey is tearing the cover off the ball since his return.

Actually, I think we know the answer. Remember the last few previous seasons; Stubbs was the lead off regardless of disastrous statistics. Then we had the two of them back to back; Stubbs batting #1 and Cozart batting #2. Far worse than now, yet it still makes no sense whatsoever. One of those inexplicable and stubborn moves by Dusty.

Stubbs played very little in 2012 at the lead-off spot.

The same reason that Phillips could bat .330 with 50 hrs and 120 rbi’s at year end and he will still be removed from clean up when Ludwick comes back…

And same reason that he’s probably never considered moving Phillips out of cleanup even though he’s now batting worse than both Bruce and Frazier

When is anyone in the Reds’ organization going to realize Dusty is killing any chance of getting to the playoffs , let alone the world series. He is an absolute joke. The window will be closing on this talent some day and Bob Castillini will left to rebuild once again. They win what they do because of talent , not baker’s managing. He’s too worried about being their friend.

Outfreakingstanding! First inning: Cozart cannot put a ball into play to score a guy from 3rd base. Thankfully, the runner eventually scored so no harm done but is just a common symptom of this team, horrid situational hitting. Phillips gets thrown out at 3B. Pathetic. Had he stopped at 2B, he would have scored on the next hit. Instead, Reds lose by 1 run. Nothing more to say as this team has mailed it in. Wish I could just go thru the motions and get rewarded with more money (for some players, in one year) than most folks make in their lives.

OK. I dont think this team is just going through the motions. I think they have lost that chip on their shoulder they had all last year. That they were mad they missed the playoffs the previous year. Its going to happen again if they dont start playing smart baseball. They dont do the little things plain and simple. Too many want to be the hero instead of earning their keep…

Reds are too complacent. They also look like they are going up to the plate completely oblivious to the situation; instead, just swing for a HR. Even with a 2-0 count with the tying run on base in the 9th! Reds have dropped 4 or 5, 5 of 7 and 12 of 19 overall. They have lost 10 of last 13 on road. They are 20-23 in last 43 games.
9th inning yesterday: Runner Cingrani on lst…
Xavier Paul : Strike swinging, Strike (foul tip), Paul struck out swinging.
Shin-Soo Choo : Pickoff attempt, Ball, Strike looking, Pickoff attempt, Strike looking, Ball, Choo struck out swinging.
Zack Cozart : Ball, Ball, Cozart flied out to left.

If I were Cozart I would ask to be moved out of the 2 hole. It has gotten to the point where its embarrassing, As Neb said, its just like with Stubbs.

And then again, maybe even hitting 7th is too much for the kid in this, his 3rd season (2013):
2nd – 63 G – 261 AB – 12 BB – 40 SO – 4 HR – 25 RBI – .253/.281/.368/.648
7th – 17 G – 60 AB – 3 HR – 2 BB – 14 SO – 8 RBI – .150/.197/.333/.530
8th – 2 G…
9th – 1 G…
Regress or Progress:
2011 – 11 G – 37 AB – 2 HR – 0 BB – 6 SO – 3 RBI – .324/.324/.486/.811
2012 – 138 G – 561 AB – 15 HR – 31 BB – 113 SO – 35 RBI – .246/.288/.399/.687
2013 – 84 G – 334 AB – 7 HR – 14 BB – 56 SO – 33 RBI – .231/.261/.356/.617

How many BB per # of AB so far this season…
Choo – 1 BB in every 5.4 AB
Cozart – 23.8 AB
Votto – 5.1 AB
Phillips – 14.0 AB
Bruce – 13.1 AB
Robinson – 8.9 AB
Heisey – 24.5 AB
Paul – 8.1 AB
Hanigan – 7.6 AB
Mesoraco – 8.6 AB

Typical Cozart at bat in the top of the ninth. Two out , one on and your best hitter on deck . He swings at a 2-0 count and flys out leaving Joey Votto in the on deck circle
Take at least on strike and try to give Votto a chance. he and Frazier have no plan when they go to the plate. Both are very tradable. Bring Hamilton up and let him play his natural position at Shortstop. I know he can hit as well as Cozart.Can’t do any worse

Actually Hamilton is hitting .245 at Lville, So I wouldn’t expect much from him.

Ok. completely agree with that on Hamilton. Why are we grooming him to be a Center Fielder when we dont have someone at SS. When Didi was coming through, ok. But if you trade him now what? Why would anyone swing at a 2-0 pitch when one of the best players in baseball is up next. Its not Cozart, Dusty has messed with his head so much as well as Frazier that neither kid no what to do anymore at the plate. This matra of swinging early does no one any good. I have always said make the pitcher throw a strike before you swing if anything it increases the pitch count. Most relief pitchers try to fool the batter with their stuff. last night the closer didnt put one fastball in the strike zone, it as all offspead and breakingballs.

Hamilton is patently NOT a major league shortstop, defensively.

Couple of quotes from Dusty on Cozart batting 2nd (from
“I already had him down in the order,” Baker said. “I had him down in the seventh hole probably half the time.”
“You’ve got to learn some kind of way,” Baker said. “Someday, he’s going to be an excellent second hitter. We’re teaching guys how to hit at the big league level. There’s a difference between swinging and hitting.”

On Heisey from
Heisey went into Thursday’s game hitting .368 (7-for-19) with four doubles and two runs since coming off the DL.
“I definitely didn’t want to miss time when you’re seeing the ball well and taking good swings,” he said. “Hopefully, I can keep it going and help us get some wins before the break.”

Reds have won 6 out of 11.

Reds have 6 games with Cards in August. They have 4 more in September with the Cards and 6 games remaining with the Pirates in September as well. They had best iron out their plate play this month. Also, Washington is a far better team than the one that has played their way to a one game over .500 team (Harper returns soon). The Reds need to put together a win streak; playing 21-23 over last 44 games won’t get it done.

21-23 is the past bud. Win tonight and suddenly they are hot again, right?

Depends on if they have learned how to provide a lineup that is capable of scoring R. Sounds basic doesn’t it? Truth is though, this team goes in and out of the rabbit hole faster than the hare.
Last night was, what I call, a shinning light game. They moved Cozart down to where he belongs and he flourished; as did his replacement, Robinson. We didn’t score that many more R than the opposition, but again, our SP and BP held on nicely. Will the lineup change again? Will Cozart bat 2nd again? I dunno. What I do know is that we do not send up our best 8 night, after night, after night. And yes, you are right, I would put Cozart in the 7 hole and super-glue down. If we are going to platoon LF, let’s play Heisey and Robinson, while bringing Paul off the bench along with the other LF not played that evening. However, with that said, I’d play Heisey in the 2 hole and LF until he proved he couldn’t handle it. I have a sneaky suspicion that there is a change on the horizon that may answer a number of questions. That move may allow Phillips to return to the 2 hole permanently. But I digress, last night was special; we played smart, intelligent and situational baseball. And, we won the game. Let’s continue on. If we merely revert back to the way we have played so far this season, we will certainly not catch the Cards, probably not the Pirates and we will be found floundering and trying to hold off Washington, as we play nearly all position players every other day. No way to run an airlines imo.

The Reds are a HR or lose team. The Reds have hit 1 HR in their last 7 games. And over those 7 games, the Reds have lost 5.

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