Catchers banged up

The fact that Ryan Hanigan is starting behind the plate tonight has less to do with his readiness and more to do with his sore left wrist isn’t as bad as Devin Mesoraco’s back spasms.

“It’s kind of the worst of the two,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said on Tuesday.

There is a chance one of the two catchers could go on the disabled list.

“I don’t know,” Baker said. We’re just kind of waiting to see if one of them is better than the other in the next couple of days. It kind of puts us in a bad situation. There are no answers.”

Mesoraco didn’t think he would have to go on the DL.

“If they need me, I think I can play,” Mesoraco said. “It’s not an injury. It’s something I need a couple of days to get over it and it will be OK. I can’t go out there, really mess it up and be out for a while. It’s something you have to deal with if it comes to it.”

The Reds currently have no other catchers on their 40-man roster. Corky Miller and Nevin Ashley are at Triple-A Louisville. But file one more familiar name in your memory bank — Ramon Hernandez. He was released today from the Blue Jays — where had been at their Triple-A Buffalo affiliate. Hernandez, who was with the Reds from 2009-11, batted .208 in 17 big league games this season for the Dodgers. He was released June 22 and signed by Toronto on June 29. He batted .105 in five games for Buffalo.

Jack Hannahan, who is starting at third base tonight, is the third or emergency catcher for the Reds.

“That’s why I had him warming up the pitcher yesterday,” Baker said. “He might be a second catcher.”


If Dusty could manage a bullpen better they could go with 11 pitchers instead of 12 and carry an extra position player. I seem to remember a few World Series Championship teams that normally carried only 10 pitchers (5 SPs and 5 RPs) on the 25 man roster.

It’s officially panic time. It’s tough for me to get to panic time, but when you get shutout and three hit by Wily Peralta, it’s time.

You said it, Curt. Maybe we’ll look back at this as rock bottom. (Maybe not). When Robinson got thrown out at the plate last nght, I wondered if that play would turn out to symbolize the whole season.

Wow… I would like Walt to really look at this and say time is now. Lets see if we can find a couple of pieces now and not a month from now when we could be 7 or more games out… I would love to just make minor adjustments. Get an OF, would love Raul Ibanez, hes older and cost less. Then maybe Jimmy Rollens. Not sure he is worth the money but he is a vet and vets. Neither of these players should cost much in prospects given their age. No more relievers. We have enough. We need offense. Heck trade some relievers if you must. That gives us a lineup of Rollens, Choo, Votto, Phillips, Bruce, Ibanez, Frazier, Catcher, Pitcher.

It doesn’t matter what moves the Reds make out of the front office. Dusty Baker is still the manager. He would screw up the Big Red Machine. He thinks too much and over manages. The less choices he has , the better.

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