Hanigan hurt his hand

Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan was in the original starting lineup Monday, but was scratched during the afternoon and replaced by Devin Mesoraco. It appears Hanigan has hurt his left hand.

“I strained something in my hand. I’m going to see the doctor,” Hanigan said. “I did it swinging, yesterday.”

Hanigan wasn’t sure when he would be examined by the Brewers team doctor.

UPDATE: Hanigan has an irritation in his left wrist. X-rays were negative.

This season, Hanigan is batting .196 in 45 games. He also caught Homer Bailey’s no-hitter on Tuesday. Bailey is starting again tonight.

Hanigan already missed time on the disabled list from April 21-May 10 with a strained left oblique and a sore right thumb.

Mesoraco hasn’t been 100 percent after missing Saturday and Sunday vs. Seattle with back spasms.


Wow…Bailey pitching and Mesoraco catching due to Hanigan problem. Doesn’t look good for the Reds.

Corky is going to have to be here for tomorrow’s game. This is painful just watching Mesoraco trying to get thru this game. It will be interesting to see what move they make. They obviously can DL either catcher but I was wondering if they just send Mesoraco down and that way he would only have to miss 10 days instead of 15. If Hanigan is hurt worse than Mez though … they should just DL Hanigan. Either way, it’s not a good situation.

Yesterday’s superb catch in CF to end the game reminded me of a fellow that used to do it, almost routinely. His nickname was…”three dog”. Anybody know who he was?
(Mark – stay mum, I know you know…)

and that would be willie davis.
hated dodgrs growing up. always hung out at the rib joint on gano alley after a game. think it was called the barn or the rib barn.
hated them. cey, lopes, garvey, davis…. all of them.
just saying

Willie D…one of the best CF I have ever seen. 1964 was extra special for 3-dog. Boy, could this
guy go get em; complete with the spectacular plays, especially jumping at the fence and robbing plenty of them of HRs. He was special imo.

oh yeah… don’t forget bill russell….. couldn’t stand that squirrel either.
only thing good about them is and was vin scully.
loved it when that freak show mccourt owned them.
the dodgers were the cardinals before the cardinals were the cardinals.

The Cardinals have been the Cardinals ever since the 1920s, long before any consistent success in either Brooklyn or Los Angeles.

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