Arroyo sets Reds HR allowed record

I touched on this in my game story on (click here) but Reds starter Bronson Arroyo entered the team record book on Sunday. The first-inning solo home run he allowed to Nick Franklin was No. 235 he gave up in a Reds uniform. It broke Tom Browning’s record of 234. Arroyo also gave up a two-run homer to Justin Smoak on a two-out first pitch in the third inning. Neither long ball were monster shots. The first was 380 feet to right field and Smoak’s was 378 feet to left field.

Arroyo has had to spend much of a career pitching at Great American Ball Park, something Browning never did. Of course in 2011, Arroyo gave up a single-season club record 46 homers. I didn’t have room in my story, but here are some extended quotes on the topic from Arroyo:

“I think if you probably stack up my runs that I’ve given up in this ballpark vs. my homers – how many runs I’ve given up on homers and runs on non-homers scored, it’s got to be pretty much as skewed as you can get of anybody that has pitched in this uniform,” Arroyo said.

“I throw a certain style ball and guys hit the ball in the air off me quite a bit. Playing in a ballpark where maybe half the homers that go out aren’t homers in other ballparks that are larger, it’s just the way it is. You hope it evens out.

“You take every home run I’ve ever given up in this ballpark and stick me in San Francisco, maybe I only give up two-thirds of them. That’s life here. It obviously swings both ways so you can’t be so disappointed by it.”

Other items of note:

*Reds pitchers posted a 2.38 ERA during the six game homestand (with the one rainout).

*LHP Manny Parra had a 1-2-3 eighth inning. He has not allowed an earned run in his last 15 appearances, totaling 12 innings.

*The Mariners have a MLB-leading 22 first-inning home runs this season. They did it in all three games of this series.


Is Bob Castellini the best owner in baseball today?
A New York Times essay says that may be the case.
The article titled A Popular Reds Owner (It’s About Time) published in the paper Sunday calls Castellini “the best Reds owner in modern history” and blasts previous owners Marge Schott and Carl Lindner, saying they rank “among baseball’s worst owners.”
“A bad owner wields franchise-warping power and reigns far longer than any vexing player or executive,” writes Craig Fehrman, a freelance writer who grew up in Reds Country.
Written by: The Enquirer

If he is , he’ ll fire Dusty.

I was a bit surprised that they gave Dusty another contract, however his relationship with his players and overall success last season trumped any other perceived or real shortcomings.

When it comes down to it, the St. Louis Cards will be difficult to overtake and here is why…
…the Cardinals pitching staff has an ERA of 3.32; the Reds, 3.41.
…the Cards have a team batting AVG of .274; the Reds, .249.
But here is the telling statistics…
The Cards lead all of MLB in AVG w/ RISP with at .337; the Reds, .251.
While the Cards also lead MLB in AVG w/2 out and RISP with at .323;
the Reds, .189.
Lastly, as a result of the above, the Cards also lead MLB in run differential; +122, while the Reds RD is +60.

One other statistic among St. Louis and the Reds…the Reds (14th in MLB) have out homered the Cards (25th in MLB) 89-79. This underlines the importance of clutch hitting versus home run hitting.

Over his last 8 games, Cozart is batting .107; 3 for 28. For the season, he is batting .235. His high water mark was a .250 BA with a high of .280 OBP. He should not be batting 2nd in this lineup; we only fixed the lead off this season, we still have a problem in the 2 hole. Phillips is a perfect fit for batting 2nd, but the lack of a clean up hitter is debilitating. With Cozart, Frazier and Mesoraco batting poorly, our lineup can be pitched around and partitioned by opposing pitchers. Until a permanent resolution can be had for a certifiable clean up hitter, in which case I would have Phillips bat 2nd, I would bat whomever plays LF lst (Robinson) or 2nd (Heisey, Paul). Cozart would be a permanent fixture in the #7 slot. Here is how I would bat this team:

I somewhat agree with Neb on that lineup facing a right hand pitcher. All 3 are good bunters and have good speed. With a left handed pitcher I would reverse the order and omit Paul.
You know it seems that when the Reds are batting with less than 2 outs and Cozart is batting the odds are about 2-1 that Cozart will hit a ground ball and it will end up being a double play. He seems to only hit fly balls or base hits when nobody is on base.
My last thought is this….when Hannahan and/or Izturis play as well as they did on Sat. I do believe they deserve to play the next day to see if they can do well again. They got 5 hits and 5 RBIs. Sunday, Frazier got a double and scored 1 run. Cozart was hitless. The Reds are leaving hits and RBIs set on the bench.
If Frazier and/or Cozart is in a mini slump…bench them, not for a game, but for a series. My guess is they’ll locate the problem with that much time to think about it. The one day rest that Baker gives these guys when they are in a mini slump is not proving to be helpful and is not enough time to get these guys on track. That should be incentive to improve and rested.
Don’t get me wrong…I really like these 2 guys. I really think they are capable of doing 30-40 points (BA) better offensively. Their defense is very good.

agree.. except that I dont know how much longer this year you continue to go with both. This team is struggling and needs hitting and if that means one hits the bench then so be it. I would rather sit Cozart at this point since he is not bring much more than defense. But the problem is not many options to replace him. The reds need another bat period. Whether its LF, 3B, SS, dont care. They just need a power RH bat. Oh and I think we will see Ludwick done for the season some time in August. I just have a feeling.

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