Alice Cooper at GABP

Rock legend Alice Cooper is at Great American Ball Park Saturday, ahead of his Sunday concert at Horseshoe Casino. Cooper, a big sports fan, threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Reds played the Mariners.


Cooper, who wore No. 18 for his song “I’m 18,” threw a one-hopper to Bronson Arroyo stationed behind the plate. Cooper has always been a big baseball fan.

“I grew up in Detroit and you woke up in the morning and you played baseball every day,” said Cooper, who is now 65 years old. “My room was like a shrine to Al Kaline and those guys, Harvey Kuenn, Charlie Maxwell and all those great Detroit Tigers. Every once in a while, we actually got to go to a game at Briggs Stadium. Baseball was such a big part of my life.

“I moved to Arizona and there was no baseball in Arizona, just the Cactus League. Then we got the Diamondbacks [in 1998) and I finally got a National League team.”

How many ceremonial first pitches has Cooper thrown?

“I haven’t missed many. I would say I’m probably five away from doing almost every one. It’s easy to go out and do songs in front of an audience. In golf, in the Phoenix Open, there are 150,000 people at the tournament every day. You get up on the first tee, I always hit my best drive of the day there. You’re used to playing in front of big audiences. There is an introvert button and an extravert button. When I get in front of people, it goes extravert. Suddenly, my concentration is really good.”

Cooper played golf at Hamilton Elks in Hamilton, Ohio, this morning. Even at 65, he still plays two-hour shows five times a week. He also plays golf nearly every day.

“Sixty-five is the new 30,” Cooper said.

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