Game 86: vs. SEA



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Cozart has to be the worst number two hitter in baseball . But then again he does go from 2 to 8 in the order depending on whether a right hander or lefty is pitching. Another example of over thinking by Crusty Dusty . I tried but Dusty is terrible. The Reds win because thy are talented. They will never be in the world series while Dusty is the manager.

I find this to be quite telling in how frustrating this offense is. Votto, after 85 games this year, has an avg. of .323, OBP of .432 and a slugging % of .511. He has scored 58 runs and driven in 39. According to Rotoworld, not once this year has Votto driven in MORE than 2 runs in a game. So, the Reds have a 3 hole hitter that is scoring runs and not driving guys in. Yes, the Ludwick injury was substantial to the the batting order and lacking in such depth is troubling. Votto has 12 more at bats than Choo and Votto has scored more runs. That is a problem. In 6 more at bats, Matt Carpenter (as a top of the order guy) has scored 5 more runs than Votto and has driven in 3 less runs than Votto. Again, troublesome. In the NL, CarGo has scored more runs than Votto (and is a 3 hole hitter) and has driven in 23 more runs than Joey. Matt Holliday (I will consider him a 3 hole hitter even though he has been dropped in the order recently) has scored 2 more runs and driven in 2 more than Votto (and Holliday is having a down year). Goldschmidt has scored 4 less runs and driven in 30 more than Votto. Justin Upton has scored 5 less runs and driven in 1 less run (and that is a lineup made of strikeouts). Andrew McCutchen has scored 6 less runs and has driven in 5 more runs than Joey. Of the top 10 guys in the NL (ranked by runs scored), Votto has 60 walks, Choo has 59. The next closest is J. Upton with 48. Votto and Choo have the two highest OPBs of this top ten. None of the other 8 have an obp at .400 or higher. The top three slugging % of this top ten (ranked by runs scored in the NL) goes to CarGo, Goldschmidt and then Votto. Compare the RBI numbers of the three. Something needs to change. As for what, I don’t know. If you look at Votto’s situational slugging % this year, way down. Something is not right. Is it his knee? Is it a new approach (by him or the coaches)? No idea but this is frustrating.

Votto’s OBP is telling. And it is due to our lineup. Pitchers are being careful with Votto and will walk him rather than challenge him; irgo the walks, the OBP and the lack of HR and RBI. Opposing pitchers have no fear at facing our #4, #5 and #6 hitters with men on. Our lack of run production is testament to that. We need a certifiable, over .300 OBP #2 hitter and a certifiable 40 HR, 100 RBI #4 clean up hitter. Our power hitter is all of one; Bruce, and he is hot or cold, on or off. Frazier (10 HR, 41 RBI, .243) and Mesoraco (4 HR, 19 RBI, .248) have been very disappointing this season. As for Cozart; he has alot of Stubbs in him. He fields well and bats terrible. He swings for the fences because Dusty like HRs and Cozart is capable of hitting them. However, his batting average and situational hitting suffers, but for a #2 hitter to have that mentality is detrimental to scoring R. And above all, this entire team needs to learn how to play fundamental baseball and hit depending on the situation; not just swing from their heels at any pitch. It is widely known the easiest ball to catch if a fly ball/pop up. How many times have we seen RISP with none or one out, and they never score. Some never even advance. We live by the HR and we will die by the HR. Losing to a team that was 9 GM under .500 with a run differential of -56 is insulting to our team, and it’s fans…us!

lst inning – Z. Cozart popped out to shallow right (none on)
3rd inning – Z. Cozart lined out to center (man on 3rd)
5th inning – Z. Cozart grounded out to third (men on 2nd and 3rd)
8th inning – Z. Cozart struck out swinging (none on)

No. 2 hitter: Managers often used a hitter with exceptional bat control in the number 2 spot. Such hitters might be called on to sacrifice, but often are used in hit-and-run situations. Speed often was a desired component at this high spot in the order.
Modern Method…
No. 2 hitter: A study by the New Jersey Institute of Technology showed that the team’s best hitter should hit second, giving him more at-bats during the course of a season. This batter should have a high OBS and a better slugging percentage than the leadoff hitter.
Cozart – .240/.269/.374/.642
First, we needed a lead off guy; got one.
Then, we needed a clean up hitter; got one, got hurt.
Now it looks like we need a #2 guy.

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