Narron on Bailey

My friend and colleague, Brewers beat writer Adam McCalvy had a chat today with bench coach Jerry Narron. Of course, Narron managed the Reds from 2005-07, and it was near the end of his tenure when Homer Bailey debuted in the Majors.

Below is a portion of Adam’s notebook item and I thank him for sending it on.

WASHINGTON — Homer Bailey’s first Major League manager expressed surprise Wednesday that the Reds right-hander has thrown baseball’s last two no-hitters, but that was no knock on Bailey.

“I’m surprised when anybody throws a no-hitter,” said Brewers bench coach Jerry Narron, who has in his final season as Reds skipper when Bailey arrived in 2007. “Two no-hitters? That’s legit.”

Less than 10 months removed from his no-hitter in Pittsburgh last September, Bailey blanked the Giants for nine no-hit innings in a 3-0 win Tuesday night in Cincinnati. He became the first pitcher since fellow Texan Nolan Ryan in 1974 and ’75 to throw two no-hitters without another big league pitcher accomplishing the feat between his. And Bailey joined Mark Buehrle, Roy Halladay and Justin Verlander as the only active pitchers with multiple no-hitters.

A lot has changed in the six years since Bailey was called up to the Reds during a trip to Philadelphia in ’07, a 21-year-old who showed up at the ballpark with a huge hunting knife in a case attached to his belt. He was a former first-round pick with a reputation for being mostly interested in hunting and fishing.

Now he’s a pitcher.

“Very few pitchers come up and really dominate right away,” Narron said. “He was a ‘stuff’ guy, threw hard, but he had to learn how to pitch and get a feel for what he was doing. He’s found it.”


Ask Pete Mckinnen (wrong spelling) what he thought about Bailey.

Under the heading…”you think you have problems”, I enter the following two players achievements and salaries thus far in 2013:
#1) paid $16m this year
.244/.319 over 82 G
13 HR and 49 RBI
#2) paid #17m this year
.225/.286 over 80 G
10 HR and 29 RBI
yep…two of the most prolific hitters in all of baseball: Pujols and Hamilton.
I have yet to see even one extended mega-contract work for the signing team;

Here’s one…there was a player that we got rid of. He hit .251 in 2008 and .225 in 2009. Then we pulled the trigger. Last year (2012) the guy hit 42 HR, 110 RBI and
.280/.384. This season the guy is hitting .270/.350 with 23 HR, 66 RBI and 54 R. Who is he? (ps…it took 2 years for the guy to blossom, but oh boy, did he blossom!). Name that player!

Edwin Encarncion

Edwin Encarnacion (Misspelled it earlier)

Yes. Amazing turn around by the guy. As I recall his glove was made of stone, as well.

There were several guys that underperformed as Reds over the years. I always look back at Ryan Dempster and Kyle Lohse as frustrations. How many times did we run those guys out there, hoping they’d turn it around? Kyle Lohse had a 6-12 record for the Reds in 2007, was traded away to Philly where he went 3-0 for the remainder of the season. The next year he lands with St. Louis and has a 15-6 record and the lowest ERA of his career. Drove me crazy! Encarnacion was never going to perform well in Cincy. We waited and waited. I always thought THIS year was the one he’d really come around.

Completely unrelated – I was wandering the internet and found that Don Gullett won 4 consecutive world series. ’75 and ’76 with the Big Red Machine and ’77 and ’78 with the Yankees. He only pitched in the majors for 9 seasons (rotator cuff injury) and was in 6 world series. In his last 4 major league seasons he won the world series. Not too shabby, eh?

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