Bailey gets second no-hitter

I wasn’t scheduled to work any of the Reds-Giants series this week. I had just gotten out of a movie Tuesday evening when I happened to notice that Homer Bailey had a perfect game through six innings. When I got home, I said goodbye to my family and hopped in the car and started driving. I listened to the seventh inning on the radio when Bailey gave up the walk. I made it to Great American Ball Park in time for the top of the eighth.

And now I’ve seen him finish both of his no-hitters. Amazing. Jeremy Warnemuende had the main story and I provided a few sidebars. See below for some of our coverage or go to or for the rest.

Main story: Bailey overwhelms Giants for second no-hitter.

From me: Reds happy just to be part of Homer’s show

From me: Baker missed first no-hitter because of his stroke, happy to be here this time.

From Matthew Leach: Four pitchers from Draft class of 2004 have six no-hitters

From Anthony Castrovince: In reaching new plateau, Bailey evolution clear

From me: Bailey, Ryan have more than No. 34 in common


Here’s what struck me: in the 9th last year, Bailey looked like the loneliest, most miserable man on the planet. Last night in the 9th, he looked cool and in command. Maybe he’s different, or maybe the stress is different having the first one behind you. Good for Homer! Marty’s called a perfect game, three (?) no-hitters, three World Series wins and Pete’s record hit. Quite a career! But back to business: the Reds really need to finish the homestand strong against the G’s and the M’s. Go Reds!

I think it was just the difference of being at home and being on the road. He could feel the crowd, made him pumped up instead of worried.

I think Bailey’s success is based on two issues; 1) he has matured and is now “pitching” versus throwing, and 2) he put on 15-20 lbs. lean muscle this off season. He and Leake seem to have made complete 180’s this season and last. We now have a very formidable SP staff; one that if we can make it up the ladder and remain their at season’s end, could challenge as we did last post season. Again, our ailment appears to be imbedded in the lineup and bullpen; clutch hitting being our cross to bear with the bat, 8th inning woes when tossing the pill.

Im glad some positive news happened to get that 2-6 Roadtrip Headline off the top. It was a great game to watch.

Dusty should nip this in the bud…lst inning. DBL by Choo. SAC by Cozart. Cozart runs 1/2 speed to lst base knowing full well he is out. However, the pitcher throws errant to lst and pulls the lst basemen off base; the play was almost an out anyway because Mr. Cozart thought he was out and never ran hard to begin with. These are the types of plays that should have the manager shaking his head. This is correctable and should be corrected, yet it continues on our team; not totally certain why. (ps…Pete would have beaten the throw by several feet!)

Happens on every team, happens to almost every player at one point in the season. All of these little things happen to everyone, we just don’t notice it because we don’t watch every team play.

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