Cueto update

Reds ace Johnny Cueto does indeed have another strained right lat muscle — the muscle near the bottom of his shoulder. It was confirmed during an ultrasound test performed in Cincinnati on Saturday.

“It’s in the almost identical spot on the scan, over basically the scar tissue that had built up over that muscle,” head trainer Paul Lessard said on Sunday. “It’s a small, tiny tear that was healing. He just picked that scab basically.”

Cueto will be shut down from throwing for at least a couple of weeks. There is no timetable for a return yet. This is Cueto’s third trip to the disabled list with essentially the same injury.

“We’ll probably go a little slower this time,” Lessard said. “It’s probably going to be an issue the rest of the season. We’ll have to take some more time. Hopefully the scans show it healing over before we start a throwing program.”


Mark, has anyone else wondered if shutting him down will help? I keep thinking he was shut down from October to around February after last year and he is still hurt. Is surgery possibly necessary for this?

this is third time this year for same injured right lat. What does that tell us? It’s not going to get any better — short of surgery. This is also the same injury sufferd last post season as you may recall. What does that tell us? All the “rest” in the world wont fix it. His season’s over.

They have previously said that the minor tear is healed by ‘time off’. The problem is that Cueto and the Red’s training staff continue to send him out in hopes that it will heal. Unfortunately, his pitching motion puts a strain directly on or around the wound.
Best we retire Cueto for the rest of the season and heal this 100% so that he can come back in 2014 healthy and strong. Now is the time for that type of action, especially when we have Cingrani on board. It’s not as if the SP is the problem this
season, or that we need additional help in that regard.

Are there any trade rumors for the Reds?? What is Ludwicks status?

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