2-6 road trip

The Reds can only be glad that road trip is over with. Cincinnati to Phoenix to the Bay Area and back to Texas. Eight games, plus two off days bookending a two-game series vs. the A’s. A 2-6 road trip. It could have been 3-5 had they not blown the ninth-inning lead in the second game in Arizona. It could also have been 1-7 considering they won yesterday in 11 innings.

The wayward journey ended Sunday with a 3-2 loss to the Rangers. Click here for the game story on MLB.com.

The Pirates won their game over the Brewers in 14 innings. That put the Reds 5 1/2 games out, a season-high.

Frustrating for the fans? Yes. Time to freak out? Nope. Not with 80 games left. But many things need to improve soon.

*Cincinnati has dropped seven of its last nine games.

*Over their last 15 games, the Reds were 12-for-112 (.107) with runners in scoring position.

*Todd Frazier is batting .238 after going 3-for-24 on the trip.
*Shin-Soo Choo was 4-for-27 on the trip
*Brandon Phillips was 5-for-23 but missed the Oakland series.

*The rotation had a 5.03 ERA while going 1-5.

*On the plus side, Joey Votto was 2-for-3 on Sunday and 10-for-29 (.345) in the eight road games. He has reached safely in his last 16 games.

*Mat Latos deserved better. It’s the second time in three games the lineup didn’t score for him while on the mound. He pitched 6 2/3 innings and allowed three runs (two earned). In the seventh, he had runners on the corners when he was visited at the mound by Dusty Baker. Latos was allowed to continue to face Nelson Cruz, who lifted a soft lined single into right field.

“He was very strong. That’s why I left him out there,” Baker said. “He was still throwing the ball good. Plus, we’re trying to get him over the threshold of coming out early before he gets to 100 pitches. That’s two times in a row he got past the 100-pitch mark.”


Let’s hope we can have some offense vs the Giants, I am frustrated with this team but will be there next week cheering them on! Runners left on base has been a problem in this organization for a few years. How does one correct it? I do not know but the issues needs addressed!

Reds and Cards lose…Pittsburgh wins 2-1 in 14; Reds fall 5.5 games back.
At the beginning of the year – odds for the Pirates to win the WS…
“Pittsburgh Pirates (50-1)”
“In order for the Pirates to make the postseason, they’ll have to play their hearts out the entire season, not just one half. Last season, they seemed like a playoff team early on in the year, but played horribly the second half and ended up missing the postseason. Pittsburgh has to put the pedal to the metal the entire year.”
“But while that has to happen, the Pirates also need big numbers from some key players. Andrew McCutchen is a near-lock for an MVP-caliber season, but the team will need repeat performances from guys like A.J. Burnett, Neil Walker, Garrett Jones and Pedro Alvarez if it wishes to remain competitive. And then there’s Starling Marte, who looks to be a breakout star.”

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Enough of Paul as a starter. He clearly should not be in the game against anyone who throws more than a fastball. In other words leave him as a pinch hitter. He did the best he could and now he has been exposed. Play Heisey wait, play Robinson wait, ok just play Lutz or something it cant be any worse and at least the kid has a lot of up side.

The problem in my mind is that Dusty has decided that Heisey isn’t an everyday starter. He is a bench rider that is more than capable of pinch hitting and late substitution. Dusty is also using the left fielder against the opposing pitching; yesterday it was a right handed SP against LHH Paul. The starter in LF, imo, should be Robinson regardless of the opposing SP.

I hate to say it but it looks as if we have morphed back into last years hitting team;
either we put up some R by the HR or we don’t score R. At the beginning of this year, it appeared we had learned from our mistakes and we actually played some discipline baseball at the plate, and actually manufactured R by playing some fundamental baseball. Now, we are back to our old tricks. How many times have we had a lead-off DBL, only to leave him there at the end of an inning; a baseball crime if you ask me. Last time it was Frazier and Cozart that swung from the heals trying to hit the ball out, but instead meekly pulled the ball and grounded out to the left side.
St. Louis is batting .335 with RISP while leading all of MLB; we are batting .250., #19.
This statistic above all else will be our coffin this season. We cannot rely solely on our SP; as is our BP is mediocre at best. Our D is faltering as well. We best use the break to get it together or we will have little if any chance to make the postseason, and relying on Pittsburgh and/or St. Louis to fail in the 2nd half…well that isn’t a strong position to work from imo.

Seems Latos is like me when I was on a dull job, clock watching. In his case, he goes great guns for 4 or 5 innings then begins looking at the bullpen for relief.

not sure I agree… I think like all our starters he is staring at the Offense and asking them if they plan to score. All starters want to go the distance they just dont want to be stressed out the whole time on if they give up 1 run that they will lose.

Actually, Latos pitched a pretty strong game yesterday. His toughest inning was the 5th:
Bottom 5th: Texas
– E. Beltre reached on bunt single to second
– L. Martin doubled to right center, E. Beltre to third
– I. Kinsler struck out swinging
– E. Andrus reached on fielder’s choice, E. Beltre scored, L. Martin to third, L. Martin scored, E. Andrus to second on pitcher M. Latos’ fielding error
– N. Cruz grounded out to shortstop
– A. Beltre struck out swinging
2 runs, 2 hits, 1 errors
Cincinnati 0, Texas 2
But let’s be honest…what has the guy got to do beyond pitching 6.2 IP and giving up only
2 ER! That’s another QS. The SP is holding up quite nicely, however our lineup and bats
are not producing. This will continue to put pressure on the July deadline and allow for
fun and games in Jocketty’s war room! Could be time for a switch or two. My take is that
the BP needs the infusion. Yet and still, that won’t cure the lineup and the HR mentality of the team.

BTW- have we ever seen the Reds manufacture R’s by doing exactly what the Rangers did?
Not in many, many years. The Rangers didn’t think they could hit Latos so they played some very aggressive fundamental baseball; bunt for a base hit, put the rabbits on base, sacrifice squeeze.
If we won a game like this I’d fall off my chair and faint!

One last note and I will move on…don’t know if many saw the game live; I did. Martin’s DBL was played into a DBL by Bruce playing the ball lackadaisically. With his arm, Martin should have been standing at 1st base, and as event unfolded, he should not have scored. Ok, I’m done.

There is still a long way to go, but the problem is we only have 4 legitimate threats in our lineup … Choo (who has been struggling for awhile now), Votto (who somehow only has 38 RBI), BP & Bruce. The rest of the lineup … are either young and unproven or just not much help. I was worried about Frazier and Ludwick coming into the season and we lost Ludwick on the first day of the season which really hurt and Frazier is struggling. I wasn’t too worried about Cozart … I figured he would just hit down in the lineup, play good D and hopefully hit 250+ with a little pop. Unfortunately, with all the injuries he’s batted higher in the lineup more than anyone would like. Hanigan has been banged up and hasn’t hit a lick and Mesoraco shows signs of offensive production but can’t do it consistently plus his defense is below average. Teams run on him at will …. it’s a real problem. I swear he bounces every throw. He has a good arm … I don’t get it. With the struggles offensively and all the injuries to the pitching staff … it’s going to be tough to hang in there. I think it’s a really important stretch up to the All Star break to play well and get a couple of games closer. Hopefully, some of the injured come back healthy and productive in the second halt and maybe we can add a piece or two to help. We have had trouble with situational and clutch hitting for as long as I can remember. It always seems to be … we hit homers or struggle to score. I think our offensive approach is flawed …. but who am I … right … I’m just a dumb fan who doesn’t know a thing. In any event🙂 Go Reds! We’re still in decent shape … it’s just time to get a good streak going and there’s no better time to start one than now!

I really dont understand the ludwick factor here. He is probably out till end of Aug… That said only a little over a month left hoping that he can shape into form. He wont be in baseball shape and I doubt he will be able to play every day. So go get another outfielder. I prefere someone that can play Center and move Choo over to left and be done with this. I doubt ludwick is coming back this year to do much of anything. Play as if he is not coming back and have a guy that can play next year for Choo. Would love to have Choo back but doubt we can do this and I dont think Hamilton is ready next year. I would not be upset to trade the stock high for someone who is ready to play OF today.

I really like Robinson. For a rookie, this kid has stepped up and played some ball. I have MLB TV and watch all the games I can; this kid can go get em. More importantly, Robinson can bunt, hit for average, has blazing speed and commands
LF; he has yelled off Cozart on a number of plays in order to not confuse the play. I still think he may be the permanent LF (or CF?) for the Reds in future years. The only problem with my exuberance is that we would still need a big RH bat, and where would that clean up player play? Phillips has been successful, but I think we need a thunder-stick in the 4 hole. This current lineup can’t get it done, so I think Jocketty will
shake the trees and rattle the bushes this next month in order to find a big stick. Where to play him is the question. My personal preference is to play the “new guy” in LF and move Robinson into CF for next season. Hamilton? depends on if he can really hit MLB pitching; I know Robinson can. The BP is another issue, yet we have arms when healthy.

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