Game 81: at TEX

Reds lineup vs. Rangers

Choo 8
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Paul DH
Hannahan 5
Mesoraco 2
Robinson 7

Leake 1

*Following tonight’s outcome, the Reds will be at exactly the halfway point of the season. They enter tonight at 45-35 and 4 1/2 games out of first place behind the Pirates

*Here are some recent 81-game records for the Reds:

2012: 44-37 (2nd place, 1 game out)
2011: 41-40
2010: 46-35
2009: 40-41
2008: 36-45
2007: 31-50
2006: 44-37
2005: 31-50


Wish D Rob would hit #1, but the next best thing is having him hit 9

I agree. Hitting leadoff may well be his audition for next season. And, if he could hit
.270/.325 I would think we would see him right there come 2014. What is there not to like?

( End of season results)
2013: 45-35 – 3rd – 4.5GB
2012: 44-37 (97-65 – lst; lost LDS 3-2)
2011: 41-40 (79-83 – 3rd)
2010: 46-35 (91-71 – lst; lost LDS 3-0)
2009: 40-41 (78-84 – 4th)
2008: 36-45 (74-88 – 5th)
2007: 31-50 (72-90 – 5th)
2006: 44-37 (80-82 – 3rd)
2005: 31-50 (73-89 – 5th)
There is something to be said about ‘keeping up with the Joneses’. Unfortunately
for our Reds, they are not the best team to come from behind, and Pittsburgh (won 7 in a row) and St. Louis (#1 clutch hitting team in MLB) don’t look like they will be completely folding anytime soon, although Cards have lost 5 of 6 while still maintaining status near the top of our division.

Tough road to hoe…
The Texas Rangers haven’t allowed a run in their last 20 innings
Cincinnati Reds haven’t scored in their last 22
Shin-Soo Choo is 1-for-19
Todd Frazier is 2-for-19
Joey Votto is 3-for-17

It may be time to make a move when the opposing starting pitcher is a left hander. Choo’s .145 BA won’t help the Reds when they face a left hand pitcher. Heisey has played center would be something to try. Choo doesn’t get on base via walk or HBP often enough to make up for lack of hitting against a left hand pitcher.
Opposing teams are sending out a lefty much more this year because the Reds lineup is loaded with left handed hitters.

Actually, BB and HBP is what is saving Choo from going under .300 in OBP;
.140/.308/.172/.480 against LHP.

Its a great technique to use lefty for a lefty.

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