Broxton, Marshall updates

Don’t expect RHP and setup man Jonathan Broxton to be off of the the 15-day disabled list this weekend. Broxton, out since June 15 with a flexor mass strain in his right elbow, is eligible for activation on Saturday.

“Very unlikely,” Reds pitching coach Bryan Price said on Wednesday. “It needed some time to settle down. It was his first time playing catch yesterday. It went fine. He’ll play catch again today.”

LHP Sean Marshall is making progress and pitched on flat ground on Tuesday. He was very pleased.

“I jammed it out yesterday, 35 pitches,” Marshall said. “It felt good. Usually when I take a day off, I get a little bit out of sync but yesterday was good and today should be great.”

Marshall, who has been on the DL since May 24 with a left shoulder sprain, long tossed in the outfield today.

“Probably Texas, I will get on the mound,” Marshall said. “I might throw a light bullpen this weekend.”


So I know it would be difficult to swing. But if I were the Reds I may entertain a swap of Cozart for Hanley Ramirez. It would buy us two years and give the dodgers a cheaper and better fielding SS. It could possibley give the Reds the big Right handed bat they need. He would be a perfect 2 hold hitter. That would give the Reds 5 good hitters, Choo, Ramirez, Votto, Phillips, Bruce. Once Ludwick came back they would look even stronger. This team needs something quick…

Does anybody think the reds should take a gamble on Carlos Marmol if the Cubs cant work out a trade and put him on the waiver wire? We would only have to pay the league minimum and if we could get him throwing strikes it puts a live arm in the bullpen that needs some help. Just a thought.

Bleacher Report By Joel Reuter
Top 100 Players at Halfway Mark
Latos #74
Leake #71
Bruce #52
Choo #40
Phillips #27
Votto #12
Not to sure I agree with Latos being that far down the list.

It’s because he is so flighty and brainless.

Denny, again, you are wrong on that one.

Time will tell. The track record says I’m right…

What track record? Just some reports you have read?

A costly meltdown in the final playoff game fueled by his adolescent and distracting tantrums directed at the home plate ump. The hope he would be bright enough to learn from his mistake. Instead, we’ve witnessed similar antics on the mound this year on more than one occasion, again in costly fashion. He and his wife strutting about town and in cyberspace as though they are the new King and Queen of the Cincy base-BALL. Go back to San Diego where, by the way, both of these prima donnas were hated

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