Phillips on paternity leave

The transaction and roster pages of (which I have no control over) showed that 2B Brandon Phillips was been placed on the paternity list on Monday. It’s still early in the day Tuesday out here in the Bay Area and the club has yet to make any official announcement of a roster move. Nor, has a corresponding move been revealed.

Click here for the transaction page.

I also suspect a not surprising second roster move is coming to activate Chris Heisey, who the team wanted back from the disabled list for the series vs. Oakland. Nothing out on that yet either. I will keep you posted, of course.

**UPDATE: Reds sent an email saying “Brandon Phillips is away from the team on a private personal matter.” — no announcement of a roster move as of yet.

**UPDATE No. 2: Phillips is expected to rejoin the Reds in Texas on Friday. INF Henry Rodriguez called up from Triple-A Louisville to replace Phillips.

MLB created the paternity leave list in 2011. A player placed on this list can miss at least one game and up to three games.


As the trade deadline approaches, rumors and speculation is starting to run rampant. This one is kind of interesting; Stanton who is a few years from peak years and isn’t a free agent until 2017, for Cingrani, Hamilton and maybe 2 others. Our line up would then be:
Although this thought has just been mentioned, it is a bit interesting. Obviously, there are money concerns, a need for a CF next season and a need for a SP to replace Arroyo. Seems that there are just too many holes in the idea for it to warrant any consideration; yet, looking at that lineup and knowing we have an everyday LF is quite appealing. Thoughts?

How do we resign Choo exactly?

Can’t afford trade Cingrani at any cost. Granted need big RH bat but not that badly.

Keep Hamilton and get rid of Cozart

Hamilton is hitting at a lesser average than Cozart in AAA? C’mon now?

You are joking, right? No way. Hamilton has speed, but he hasn’t proven that he can hit ML pitching, or play SS better than Cozart.

Save money and sign Phillips kid in 18 years.

Huh I haven’t noticed Brandon with a baby bump on TV. Maybe they’ve just been showing him from the shoulders up. All joking aside, congrats Brandon on being a father.

how about we trade cozart,robinson, and corsino for tulowitzki

It would take a HECK of a lot more than that for the Rockies to trade Tulowitzki. Maybe Votto or Bruce AND Chapman or Cingrani.

Gotta keep Cingrani….left handed pitchers are more a premium than power hitting outfielders

Let Robinson leadoff and play CF next season and make the trade and bring along an upgrade backup SS-2B in the deal. That could end up being Valaika.

I would never take Phillips out of his RBI role…Move Votto to two hole with Phillips 3rd, followed by Bruce with Stanton 5th…

I’m sorry…I see nothing that jumps out on Stanton. He’s batted 127 times…7 homers, I believe 19 RBIs strikes out 1 of 3.5 at bats. He’s only 24. Maybe, someday he’ll be at little closer to the top. The Reds don’t need another outfielder. They need to sign Choo to a multi year contract. They won’t have ludwick after next year. Ludwick has one more year. They have Heisey, Robinson, Paul, plus the big guy from Germany. I like Heisey and Robinson. Paul is pretty good, but needs to improve. I think Hamilton will spend another year in AAA while Ludwick is here in 2014.
What the Reds need is improvement in the bullpen. It’ll help to get Marshall back. Masset can be very good or very bad at times. The rotation is fine.
The guy I’m real happy about is Mike Leake. A lot of people were wrong about him early on. They almost traded him away.

when do players of the week get announced, jay bruce anyone?

Already announced. Pedro Alvarez of the Pirates got it.

dream on

stanton has 7 hrs ,strikes out a lot, avg. def…i will keep our prospects just like jocketty will.

Who is the 3B Joseph Jocketty the Reds signed on 06/19/2013. Walt’s son?

Honestly don’t know what the biggest problem is that needs to be fixed but one thing this team needs is the ability to overcome run defecits. I’m talking down 4 to 5 runs in the middle of a game and be able to start scoring enough runs to win. Pitching will never be able to hold other teams to no more than 3 or 4 runs a game all the time. Gotta be able to score runs when your back is against the wall. One thing holds true for whatever sport you play, when a great team or great champion is losing a game,match, or a title defense, they will FIND A WAY TO WIN! Nothing would make me happier than if the Reds can get to that point!!!

Just for the record; Giancarlo has played in only 33 of the Marlins 75 games. Last season he hit 37 HR; at GABP that total should be more around 50. And the lineup looks very powerful. However, with that said I have a huge problem with letting Cingrani go when Arroyo is leaving end of this season. If we did, that would open up another hole. And I don’t think there is anything more important to a team than the SP; ours is absolutely stellar this season. Interestingly enough, if Choo is too expensive and/or wants a multi-year contract, we might have the solution on the team right now; Robinson. He’s vapor fast like Hamilton, switch hitter, best bunter on the team and is holding his own in the majors: .273/.366/.341/.707 although he has shown to bat better in the 7 and 8 hole over the l hole, but he is a rookie and might just need seasoning. In any event, I think he’s a keeper as Choo is expected to want 3-5 years for somewhere in the $12-$13m range. Lastly, with Ludwick, Heisey and Lutz around for 2014, we Jocketty may continue to platoon LF for a 6th season; last permanent guy in LF? Yep, “Big Donkey”…Dunn. These are some of my favorite times and what makes me feel very comfortable is having Jocketty pull the switches and pressing all the buttons. GL to our Reds!

Just watched Hamilton play last week ..Not impressed –except speed—Like pete said about Deion can’t steal first..His batting stats are not impressive,,Damn he can fly…… He would walk less in the bigs –less times on base than he has now..

That is my concern as well. When he came up to the Reds for a cup of coffee he didn’t impress me either. However, as we all know, the guy is lightening in baseball shoes; 48 SB/9 CS in Louisville this season. But the alarming stats this season are these: .243/.298/.332/.630. Will those translate to MLB? Guess we will never know until he’s tested. What I do know is that Robinson can hit MLB pitching and has a number of attractive attributes. Depending on how Jocketty feels about the situation, this may set up for some attractive trade bait. Then again, if things work out…Robinson in LF (in 2015) and Hamilton in CF would have SP and C taking Dramamine before the game; “LF gappers” may become extinct for the opposing teams, and more infield dirt would need to be ordered and applied between lst and 2nd. It’s always interesting come trade time. I have followed the Reds for over 40 years and seldom, if ever, have I got a potential trade correct! And that is why I would love to be a fly on Jocketty’s office wall.

What a worthless OP post!!! Please learn to read baseball stats. This season, Choo is hitting .149 (avg), .321 (obp), .184 (slg) and a WHOOPING .505 (ops) against lefties. Yeah, pay that Boras client lots and lots of money (sarcasm, in case you could not figure that out based on your original post). As a career hitter against lefties (mostly in the AL), .240 (avg), .336 (obp), .341 (slg) and a WHOOPING .676 (ops). Yeah, pay him millions upon millions upon millions because he can hit RIGHTIES and continues to be worthless against a leftie.

P.S. Thom and “Cowboy” should be the next radio crew. Kelch has GOT TO GO. Horrid and very slow on his calls and comments.

Kelch is the only balanced, professional one among them. Not a silly “homer” like both Brennaman curmudgeons and that Southern human (employed loosely) garbage dump, all of whom are embarrassments before the nation. You need to get out more and hear what the rest of the nation hears and dismisses as low quality.

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