Game 78: at OAK

Reds lineup vs. A’s

Robinson 7
Choo 8
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Bruce 9
Heisey DH
Cozart 6
Hanigan 2
Izturis 4

Arroyo 1

*As of now, a corresponding move has not been announced… but Chris Heisey has been activated from the disabled list. UPDATE: Donald Lutz was optioned to Double-A Pensacola.

*Reds DHs this season (Jack Hannahan and Devin Mesoraco) are a combined 1-for-8 this season.

*The Reds are 4-8 during the regular season games vs. the Athletics, including 3-0 in 2010 at OAK.


ANOTHER loss against a team with a winning record. I am so tired of this garbage. At this rate, why bother to make the postseason other than to watch the Reds get knocked out in the wildcard or the first round. At this point in the season, this is what the Reds are, an under achieving team. Nothing more. Swing for the fences. Continued base running blunders. Look stupid when the bases are “clogged” with runners in scoring position. This is not on Dusty. This falls SQUARELY on Castellini and the inability to change the organizational philosophy on situational hitting. I am becoming more and more convinced that Castellini and his ilk ONLY give a damn about the long ball as the Reds continue to swing for the fences and not the gaps or bloop shots. Pitching and defense win championships? Votto can’t field his position and the bullpen / starter implodes. I have zero confidence in this team turning anything around this year.

Nice to know that you folks are starting to see what I did at the begining of the season although for all the wrong reasons. I think it goes deeper than situational hitting. I think that every single starter in the Reds lineup is a dead fastball hitter. Problem is nobody on the team and I mean nobody can hit a decent slider,changeup and don’t even mention curveball. Now the rest of the league knows about this makes our offense look like AA at best. Yes we had a ton of runs scored early on and we are still at what third in the league. What is our runs scored though against pitchers with the following criteria 1) winning record 2)pitchers that throw great off speed pitches. We can’t him em… find us 8 guys in the lineup who can hit off speed and a bullpen that isn’t stuck in Divaville. This team is starting to stink it up.
This particular team needs to learn how to play mean and dirty if they are going to win. Steal some bases. Patterson got 4 hits today how many stolen base attempts? The love affair you guys had with Choo is starting to wear off I’m guessing as he starts to look more and more like a clone of cozart and frazier.

Can we all agree to ignore Dale Pearl?

Thanks Jonrox. So let me guess you think the Reds are going to win the division, win in the playoffs and go on to sweep in the World Series? Do elaborate on what you think of this team and the direction that they are going in. I would love to here some positive feedback on the team that isn’t based on butt kissing or wishful thinking.

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