Votto frustrated on defense

During Saturday’s 4-3 Reds loss, the final two-run rally in the Arizona ninth began when first batter Paul Goldschmidt hit a one-hopped ball off of 1B Joey Votto’s glove and went into short right field. The play was ruled a single but could have easily been an error. Votto could not say whether he should have been given an error there.

“It didn’t make me happy that I didn’t catch the ball,” Votto said Sunday morning.

I will have a little more on this later in the notebook, but Votto was pretty aware that he hasn’t been as good on defense this season as he has in the past. Votto, a 2011 NL Gold Glove winner, spends a lot of time working at his defense.

“Similar to slumps, sometimes they happen in bunches,” Votto said. “Probably about five of them — I clanked a pop-up, a couple in Pittsburgh where there was a bare-hand play; a couple of bad hops to my side. All of them are errors and add up. I don’t really know what the hell is going on. It’s not for a lack of work.”

Votto has eight errors this season with his last coming on June 20. His career high is 11 errors, set in his rookie season of 2008.

“It’s definitely been frustrating for me, and unexpected,” Votto said. “It’s important for me not to be too concerned about it because I am making plays on either side of me that I hadn’t made in the past.”


It has been my contention all along that, while he has certainly improved from his first days in the big leagues, he remains a mediocre to less-than-mediocre defensive first baseman, undeserving of the Gold Glove awarded him back in 2011, a product, as so often the defensive acknowledgment becomes, of his offensive notoriety more than any special glove prowess.

With 85 games remaining, I think it is now time for me to follow the Cardinals. Seems like a waste of time to care early in the season, but now, I think it’s time. They are at Houston for three.

Wow how much do you hate me now Curt? You’ve been bashing me all season and now it comes to find out you are abandoning ship? I will never cheer for the Cardinals they can eat pond scum. Since throwing at people’s head in MLB is apparently not legal the next time we go into town should be with Red war paint on our faces and put Chapman in as our starter and have him bean as many of their stars as possible… right between the eyes. Then we just might have a chance. That strategy is working quite well for the pirates and diamond backs.

Sorry, I think you read that wrong, or I wasn’t clear enough. I’m still rooting for the Reds and I hate the Cardinals. I’m just saying that I don’t concern myself with what the Cards do on a daily basis because it’s just too early to care. But now, I care, so I’ll be “following” their scores because now we are in a pennant race. Make sense?

Ok… Well I still think Votto is a great defensive 1st baseman. I mean its 1st base. That is where you put most players early in their career because they cant play most other positions. I know that is not always the case though. But saying that means that you can throw out 3/4s of the 1st baseman. Votto is a great defensive 1st baseman compared to the other 1st baseman. Lets not get crazy here. The reds will be fine. They will be there in the end.

I’m certainly glad that Votto is such a hard worker. From all accounts, he studies his plate appearances, works hard in the batting cage and at 1st base, and has an amazing work ethic… but do you ever get the feeling that he doesn’t really enjoy playing baseball? Sometimes watching Joey just makes me a little sad. He seems so serious all of the time and appears to not be having any fun playing the game that we all love. It seems that much more apparent because of the man playing next to him at 2nd base and batting behind him in the order.

@ Ben, Ted Williams was very serious about hitting as well. Personally, I think Votto is aggravated with having nobody on base in front of him, players making base running mistakes, the organization from the top continuing to encourage swinging for the fences while he is hitting gap shots to infuse an offense. Homeruns do NOT, NOT, NOT bring in fans (McGwire / Sosa season was an anomaly). Winning baseball brings in the fans and by winning, I mean the Reds beating teams with a winning record. Seems to be a long lost art from the past as they are clueless on how to do it the last few years.

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