Tough road trip ahead

After the Reds wrap up the series with the Pirates, they begin a road trip to Arizona, Oakland and Texas.

“It’s a big road trip. We have to really push these next few days – today and the next three – before the off day [Monday],” Reds manager Dusty Baker said Thursday morning. “Everybody we’re playing is either in first place or second place – Arizona, Oakland and Texas.”

The D-Backs lead the NL West while the A’s have a two-game lead entering today over the Rangers.

It was pointed out that the Reds have been criticized for their lack of success this season vs. teams with winning records. Cincinnati entered today 33-12 against sub. 500 clubs and 11-17 against over .500 clubs.

“So? We’re killing everybody else. Isn’t it the same?” Baker said. “Plus, how many games have we played these guys [the Pirates], 11 times? We’ve played St. Louis nine times.

“People are always looking for something negative. I deal on the positive. You can find the negative in anything. What if we were losing to the bad teams and beating the good teams? I’d really be negative. I think we’re doing pretty good to not be at full force. We’re not doing great but our guys are doing better than a lot of teams.”


Dusty, I am positive that if the team can make the playoffs, that the will play teams with a winning record. Seems like we need to be able to beat those teams. Dusty lashes out at critics because he can’t show them his ring.

Dusty and this team shouldnt have to apologize for ANYTHING they’ve done so far this season…lace em up and play who’s on the schedule. More than likely after 162 they’ll be ahead of your team.

Spot on. Clinch first. Worry about October after.

That may in itself be the problem; the road to “clinch(ing) first” goes through St. Louis.
Bottom line: we have got to play better than we have, and it appears it all starts in the bullpen.

Sorry, let me clarify. Clinch a playoff berth first, then worry about October.

Bullpen stats for June…
The good news:
Chapman…8 G…8 IP….097 WHIP…0.00 ERA….077 BAA
Cingrani…4 G…9.1 IP….097 WHIP…1.93 ERA….167 BAA
Partch…4 G…7.1 IP….095 WHIP…2.45 ERA….125 BAA
Then the bad news:
Broxton…6 G…5.2 IP…1.94 WHIP…4.76 ERA….304 BAA
Simon…9 G…12.2 IP…1.50 WHIP…4.97 ERA .286 BAA
Parra…8 G…6.2 IP….1.50 WHIP…5.40 ERA….286 BAA
LeCure…8 G…6.2 IP…2.25 WHIP…6.75 ERA….393 BAA
Hoover…8 G…8.1 IP…1.44 WHIP…7.56 ERA….273 BAA
Ondrusek…2 G…2.1 IP…2.14 WHIP…15.43 ERA….364 BAA

We could talk about clutch hitting but I am tired of typing!

I predict by the end of this road trip the Reds will be more than eight games out. Their bullpen sucks, they can’t score runs other than via the HR, and they can’t beat teams with winning records.

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