Scoring change

Well, now Bronson Arroyo has an earned run on his ledger from Wednesday night. There has been a scoring change. See this item from the Reds:

**With Russell Martin batting in the third inning last night, he reached base on what originally was ruled an error on Bronson Arroyo…that has been changed to a single…credit Martin with a hit (2) and RBI (1) and Arroyo with a hit (7) and earned run (1).**

Arroyo would certainly rather take the error than the earned run, so I’m sure he won’t be very pleased.

My take: It was an error. Arroyo is a Gold Glove winning pitcher and almost always makes plays like that… even if it was a tough one like the Martin comebacker.

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Should the fact that Arroyo is a past Gold Glove winner and “almost always” makes that play relevant? Shouldn’t the standard for what is or is not an error be the same for everyone? What if he normally makes the play but the average pitcher doesn’t? It’s an error for him but a hit when someone else is pitching?

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