Latos not happy with HBPs

There will be much more in the final version of my game story for, (click here) but Mat Latos let it be known after a 4-0 loss that he wasn’t pleased with the exchange of hit-by-pitches the Pirates and Reds have had this season.

In that battle, the Pirates lead by a 10-6 margin. Shin-Soo Choo has been hit six of those times, including with starter Charlie Morton’s first pitch of the game.

Latos says that’s enough.

“I got into trouble for hitting Neil Walker and protecting my teammates. I think it’s time that somebody steps up and starts disciplining the team that’s drilled the most guys in the league,” Latos said. “They’ve hit a lot of guys, whether it’s intentional or it’s by accident. Something has got to be done about it. They’re team that’s hit the most guys in the league and that’s not right.”

The hitting of Walker Latos referred to came on June 2 at Pittsburgh, in likely retaliation for Brandon Phillips getting plunked twice on June 1. It was not previously known that Latos was fined for that pitch.

Pirates manager Clint Hurdle and Morton denied any purpose pitches were made on their side tonight.

“You throw out a term beanball, I don’t go there. It’s competitive baseball,” Hurdle said. “You’ve got to do certain things to win, and when two teams are focused on winning and neither one wants to blink and they want to play hard and you want to compete, you push the envelope a lot of different places. Not just at the plate trying to get balls in on people, but breaking up double plays and doing everything. We’ve got to beat these guys, and we’ve got to beat the Cardinals to get where we want to go. These are good baseball teams. You’ve got to do some things you’ve never done before to beat good baseball teams.”

Morton: “You saw the ball I threw down and away to [Choo] and he hit a really sharp line drive up the middle [in the sixth inning]. So yeah, got to go in.”

Incidentally, Latos’ 21-game unbeaten streak came to a halt. He last took a loss on Aug. 24, 2012 vs. STL. He was 10-0 during that stretch.

“I’m just glad it’s over with and I don’t have to hear you guys talk about it anymore,” Latos said. “It’s done and it’s over with. It sucks that we lost because I don’t want to lose, ever. But now I have to hear you guys talk about it so I can start up a new one.”

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Doesn’t it seem the HBP’s are up everywhere? Choo’s been hit 19 times! That sounds like a career # – not just one year 3 weeks before the All-Star break. Are batters just standing there, or even leaning into the pitches that are close? Can that even be done?

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