Game 70: vs. MIL

Reds Lineup vs. Brewers
Robinson 8
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Paul 7
Hannahan 5
Hanigan 2
Cueto 1

It’s the return of Reds ace Johnny Cueto today. Again. Yesterday, Cueto mentioned that it will be hard to keep the injuries off his mind, and Dusty Baker agreed today that getting over it mentally can be difficult. Cueto didn’t think he would have a pitch limit, but Baker said he’ll keep a close eye on him and not extend him too far. That’s easier considering Tony Cingrani was scheduled to pitch today and could fill in for a few innings.

“Hope he stays out of a big inning,” Baker said of Cueto. “You hope that Johnny didn’t lose much in his off-time. First time, he was kind of rough when he came back, but the second [game after that] he was excellent. Let’s just hope the layoff didn’t drain him too much. …

“The thing with injuries, you not only have to get over it physically, you have to get over it mentally, too. Every time you feel something, you wonder if it’s back. But the further you get away from an injury, the less and less you think about it.”

Pedro Villarreal was optioned back to Triple-A Louisville to make room for Cueto.

Standard off-day for Shin-Soo Choo, who said he does feel a difference in the amount of energy it takes to play center this season as opposed to playing in the corner like he has in the past. Baker said he had to tell Choo to come in late. Choo then had to ask fellow outfielder Jay Bruce what time to get to the clubhouse because he’s so used to coming in early.

Sean Marshall was in the clubhouse today and said he feels good. He’s been throwing from about 90 feet, and he hopes to be back in game action in “three weeks or less.” More to come later at

Jeremy Warnemuende


I remain impressed with Lutz. If he makes the team full time, I predict he will be something special. However, with that said, his cross to bear may be the sauerkraut, beer and strudel he has been reared on…he has to keep the weight off or he may be nothing more than another Francisco.

Projected AL All-Star voting
Pos. Fan vote Player picks Manager picks
C Joe Mauer Carlos Santana
1B Chris Davis Prince Fielder
2B Robinson Cano Dustin Pedroia Jose Altuve
SS J.J. Hardy Jhonny Peralta
3B Miguel Cabrera Manny Machado Josh Donaldson (UT)
OF Mike Trout Coco Crisp
OF Adam Jones Daniel Nava
OF Jose Bautista Matt Joyce
DH David Ortiz Mark Reynolds
SP Clay Buchholz Anibal Sanchez
SP Chris Sale Max Scherzer
SP Yu Darvish James Shields
SP Felix Hernandez Hisashi Iwakuma
SP Justin Verlander
RP Mariano Rivera Glen Perkins
RP Joe Nathan
RP Grant Balfour

I do not agree that the “fan” should pick the all star team. Ever since that has
taken place the game has become a complete social event; maybe that is what it has become and should be. No, not for me. I like the idea that the vote should be by the players and the manager should pick the pitchers. This stuffing of ballot boxes or online picks just doesn’t cut it for me; it has become a non-event – nothing more than a popularity contest. But, then again, that’s just me.

the all-star game is a scam for extra revenue. The players don’t even give 100%
Last person that did so was Pete Rose and if you guys are honest about why Pete is banned from the hall of fame it is because of what he did to Ray Fossee in the allstar game.

Zero point in sending players to that event. If I was a manager or an owner I’d find ways to prevent my players from even going. The real all stars are the ones that dominate the game at their position. There are no second place finishers for all-star. Let the scammers vote all they want I never watch it . Typically a “fan” will vote in his favorite team, his favorite player, or the one they think is the cutest with no real metrics applied to the reason and it is all feel good baloney.

Pete was a total scumbag and chose to break baseball’s well-known cardinal sin while managing. That’s why he was banned. Nothing to do with the Fosse collision in 1970.

Now I know you are not a true Reds fan by calling Pete a scumbag I guess that is why i dont care for this dandy team. They don’t have heart, muscle, or the drive to go the extra mile. Pete may have bet on baseball but how many ball players out there have fantasy base ball teams? I’m guessing most they are gambling. How many buy lottery tickets? ryne sandberg did that much we know… that is gambling. I don’t care if he bet on baseball or not, or even if he bet on the Reds because I know by his actions that he always gave 100 percent effort. To me… that is all that matters. pete was the great ballplayer of my generation.

Ok, I feel like I need to ask. Is everything ok with Sheldon?

Wonderin the same thing…

Has he been on the radio broadcasts – 2nd inning, visitors’ half? Or maybe he’s been Wally Pipped? Or on the DL? Here’s what’s a joke about the All-Star Game – having players who had a couple of hot months at the start of a season tagged as All-Stars. The fans pick more wisely than that. But it was better in the days before interleague play. Then you wanted to see your all-timers against their all-timers. That’s what an All-Star game should be. Not Jack Armstrong. I remember a year Darryl Strawberry was voted to the game when he was batting .220-ish, and the uproar about the shame of it. But he went on to bat over .300 the rest of the season, and so forth. He **was** an All-Star, and the fans knew it. Maybe the game should be at the end of the season. After the World Series. Like, in Honolulu? Just kidding. Last of all, is this Bruce’s break-out year? He has something like 38 RBI’s in the past 40 games. That’s a long time for him to be hot.

Dale, did you just compare Pete Rose gambling on his own team to Ryne Sandberg buying a lottery ticket? Oh dear God.

I sure did! I don’t believe Pete could ever throw a game …. I could care less if it was baseball or flipping quarters. gambling should be either legal or illegal and include fantasy baseball in that. He didn’t cheat baseball, he just bet on games what is the big deal?

Although I somewhat agree with you on the gambling thing, the fact is, it is a rule, he broke it, multiple times, and lied about it multiple times. And if MLB made it legal, they would obviously be asking for some big trouble.

I doesn’t matter if he bet on the Reds to win: he might go all out to win this game at the cost of having no bullpen for the next series. Fans should never have to wonder, when a manager makes a move, if he has money on the game. This is like the govt saying it’s okay it collects all that data about your phone calls, since it’s not listening; or Billy C saying he didn’t have sex with Monica. What Bill did is wrong; what the govt’s doing is wrong. What Pete did was wrong, he knew it and he’s been profiting from his mistake to the tune of two ‘tell all’ books and innumerable autographs. Baseball and gambling don’t mix. If you get in debt to your bookie, and you will, someday he’s going to cash his chips and if you’ve got something to give, like Pete would have, you pay up in kind. There’s nothing Pete wouldn’t have done if it helped Peter Edward Rose. Nothing. His lies and deceit, the way he used his fans and supporters, prove that. The idea of it being okay to bet on your team to win is horse manure. And so is Pete Rose (great player, though).

goodness gracious. i thought pete had more supporters in cincinnati than this. Throw the guy under the bus. You guys are insane just like you think the Reds will be in the playoffs this year.
I don’t get the logic you lay out. The govt gets away with it, Wild Bill got away with it because they did more good than harm. Cost of freedom. You want a player that goes all out with wreckless abandon? I do! It was fun to watch, insane you had a different type of game. Second basemen,shortstops didn’t like covering second base when Pete was on first. Pitchers hated pitching to him with his jacked up batting stance and 15 foul balls. Catchers hated him because they knew if he was coming home even on an easy out he was going in with the intention of knocking that ball out of their glove.
There is no player since Pete that played that hard. I miss that style of play myself instead of these million dollar dandies that get a hang nail and have to go on the DL. Yes, I am calling Cueto a sissy, same with Marshall and Broxton. As far as I am concerned all three are underperformers if they can’t pitch nine innings as a starter or can’t pitch every other night 2 innings in relief. Cuddling them only makes them more delicate.
Get over yourself guy you open up a waterfall you can’t turn it off and that is what happend to Pete. He became destructive when his career started to wind down. He no longer had the energy put into playing the game and he put it to other things that most of you cuddled children see as the worst thing possible.
I see as there was no way it wasn’t going to happen.

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