Cardinals offense rolls Reds

As good as the Reds record has been playing overall this season, the Cardinals have simply been better. They saw just how better in person on Friday night in a 9-2 loss. Click here to read the game story on

Some notes out of the game:

*Reds pitchers have allowed at least 15 hits in consecutive games for the first time since Aug 24-25, 2010 at San Francisco (both of those were 18 hit games). They also allowed a season-high seven doubles in the game.

*The Reds have scored two or fewer runs in six-straight games vs. St. Louis, a feat that they hadn’t accomplished since 1974.

*Cincinnati is a season-high four games out of first place.

*The Cardinals lineup had all starting position players reach at least twice, and seven different players scored in the game. St. Louis entered the night with a Major League best .339 average with runners in scoring position. That was 38 points better than second-place Tampa Bay. St. Louis was 8-for-19 with runners in scoring position and stranded seven. They came in tied with the Reds with a NL-best .335 on-base percentage this season.

*Meanwhile, Day 2 of the 2013 Draft was happening also on Friday. For a complete recap of the day’s Reds picks, click here to read the items of Jeremy Warnemuende. He will have more coverage of the third and final day on Saturday.


I’m fed up. Why does Baker continue to alternate catchers. Is Hannigan still hurting ?
Hannigan handles the pitching staff much better than Mesaroco . There needs some stability and switching catchers every two games doesn’t get it done. This “EVERYBODY on my team plays” is starting to get old as well. The Reds will never make it to the world series with this approach.

I’m fed up to but it doesn’t have anything to do with rotating the catcher. This is becoming a common practice in mlb for the catching position. It is part of the evolution of the game in the same way that mlb as a whole went to 5 man pitching rotations in the 80’s. I think mlb should just go ahead and embrace a 40 man roster starting in April and let all the players rotate out. Why not?

Mesoraco has caughyt several games 9in a row. You would definitely want Hanigan in against the archrival Cardinals. I’m beginning to think Hanigan is stillo hurt, maybe a recurrence of his earlier problem, but the club, for good reasons and bad, remain, as so often in the past, close-mouthed.

Good job Reds. Come on, win this one on Sunday.

Pitiful…we went 4-5 over last 9 against over .500 teams; two being within our own division. If we can’t hang with the big boys, we’re never going to make it to the promised land. Price has his hands full with our current bullpen players.

The Reds will be in first place by the all star break.

both CurtOU and Maxblue are sniffing glue if they think the Reds stand any chance of winning this division. I guess if maybe the Cardinals lose 3 of their starting pitchers and 4 of their bullpen studs to rotator cuff tears all at once. Their AAA team could be our MLB team. Sad but true, they are that deep and that good.

Lets not go over board. They are deeper. But if the Reds have all their players and the Cards all their players. They stack up pretty evenly. Cueto and Latos are better than any two Cardinal pitchers they can throw out there matching up 1 and 2. The problem is their top 7 pitchers are all better than any other pitcher the Reds have.

I want to agree, but those Cardinal hitters are just very professional. It even seems like the young ones make good outs. Our hitters just seem so inept at times. The Cardinals are just doing all the little things. I want to see more productive outs and less strike outs from this team. I dont know what it is but they strike out at the worst times and just cant make productive outs.

Curt, I like you’re optimism, but the July schedule is a brutal series of road trips. I say, first place to stay by August 15.

St. Louis pulls away, winning the division handily. Bucs finish second. Get a wild card, ending their two decade-old drought. Reds finish a strong third but get edged out by the Diamondbacks for the second wild card. Better luck next year!

If you recall Hanaghan was in a learning stage a few years back and Mesoroco is in that position now. I really believe he’ll get better. That’s probably the toughest position on the field. You have to know all the weaknesses of the opposing hitters. My biggest concern is the bullpen and with the loss of Cueto that doesn’t help matters much. Cingrinni will be fine as a starter, but he has trouble going more than 5 innings. At this stage we have to hold our breath when a reliever comes in…ever Le Cure of late…and now, Hoover gets shelled, too.

I am sorry to say and I know I may be chastised for such comments, but…Dusty will never get us to the winners circle; plain and simple. We can argue this till the cows come home, but here is another year of talent that can’t play in contention. I wish I was wrong. Good luck to us, we aren’t about to take over for the Cards that have had their own injuries, yet suffered through and carried on. In my mind, sad, but true.
I truly hope that Jocketty understands the team as I think I do.

I agree Neb. Dusty isn’t bad, He isn’t hall of fame material either. He is good, but it takes great to make it to and win a World Series,and he is far from the great managers of this generation. The Reds are to cheap to go after great, they will always settle for the “pretty good”. I guess The Reds feel if they can make it look good that nobody will care if the team is also not great. The problem is that when the pretty good plays against the great it is then that pretty good comes off looking more like crap than lobster.

I agree the team is over-estimated by most fans and that they are very unlikely to make it to the Promised Land. But that has absolutely NOTHING to do with Dusty Baker.

I can’t speak for Curt but I’ve been too busy smokin’ some of that fine Wrigley field grass to defend my optimism regarding the Reds. And here they are on the verge of a sweep of the Cubs (it’s an hour before game 4)! Can’t we give them a little love? I have a theory – we downgrade our own team because we know too much about it, compared with the other team. Compared to my wife, another woman might seem like a supermodel, until I get to know her. Then maybe, not so much. So I’m not sure fans are prone to overestimating the Reds, like D-R-O says. On the contrary, maybe we bust their chops too much. So I repeat, the Reds’ll be in front for good on August 15th. Now, [puff] [puff] anybody got some M&M’s? [puff] Trail mix?

Look for you in August, when the freefall will be in full splendor

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