Game 60: vs. Colorado

Reds lineup vs. Rockies

Choo 8
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Paul 7
Hannahan 4
Hanigan 2

Yes, there’s a notable difference in that lineup than what was scheduled. Right-handed pitcher Johnny Cueto has been scratched, and right now there’s more questions than answers, as no official announcement has been made. Last night’s postgame press conference with Dusty Baker was delayed while he met with team physician Dr. Tim Kremchek, but that may or may not be related. Baker also talked about changing up the rotation yesterday, and with the Cardinals coming to town this weekend, it’s also possible he wants Cueto to pitch against the division leaders, but we’ll see.

What we do know is that Pedro Villarreal has been called up to start in place of Cueto. Villarreal has had a rough go of it with Triple-A Louisville this season, going 1-3 with a 5.03 ERA in 11 starts. He’s given up 67 hits and 15 walks while striking out 42 in 59 innings.

We’ll know more soon after Bake addresses the media.

Jeremy Warnemuende


Our only option here was Villarreal? Who for the first time made it out of the 5th inning last start in AAA. Is there no one in AA that could come up. Does AAA ball clubs play every day? This seems like a horrible option. I hope I am wrong and he throws a no-no. But I think I am safe to say this could be rough.

Villarreal is on the 40 man roster…..he was scheduled to pitch tonight for AAA. Other options were short rest, or someone not on the 40 man roster.

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Every professional out there in baseball knows that Johnny is going to have an injury prone career. Wish him the best, hope it isn’t serious because if it is there goes our season.

First of all, there’s no consensus that Cueto is injury prone and it’s not really backed up by reality. Yes, he’s missed games from time to time, but that is normal. Moreover, he started as many games last year as anyone in the league. Second, there’s no reason to assume an extended absence, given that the last trip to the DL only cost him a handful of starts. Finally, even assuming an extended absence, Cingrani showed he is a more than adequate replacement. Cueto has missed half his starts so far this season, and yet the Reds have one of the best five records in MLB. Basically, everything you said is wrong, but that’s not really new.

You obviously do not know much about baseball if you think Cingrani is not going to get destroyed if he has to continue to pitch up here. Dale is correct, if Cueto is absent for a decent amount of time, season over. The offense can in no way carry this team so that leaves the Reds relying on pitching. Hmmm, Marshall is seeing more time on the DL than on the mound, Broxton just seems lost (why nibble). Let’s look at Cingrani’s numbers this year at the MLB level. League average will be listed first and then Cingrani’s average for this year. He is about to plummet back to earth faster than a rock weighing 8 billion pounds. K/9: 7.60 / 11.18 BB/9: 3.03 / 2.45 K/BB: 2.51 / 4.56 HR/9: 1.02 / 1.91 K%: 19.9% / 31.1% BB%: 7.9% / 6.8% BA: .249 / .207 WHIP: 1.30 / 1.03 BABIP: .292 / .247 LOB%: 73.1% / 91.6% Every single one of those (other than HR/9) shows Cingrani performing better than the league averages. If you really think Cingrani is all that, you are delusional. He lives on the fastball (throws it 82.8% of the time) and throws the slider 10.3% of the time and he throws the changeup 6,9% of the time. The league destroys his changeup. So, a two pitch pitcher that uses fastballs and sliders is going to help keep the rotation steady is laughable at best. This season is shaping up to be very disappointing regardless of the current record.

Cingrani has been doing thisat every level he’s been at. It’s what happens when you’re an outstanding pitcher, rather than an average pitcher. It’s meaningless anyway because Cueto is predicted to miss two more games, and the Reds offense is, despite what you say, in the upper third of the big leagues. Despite all the injuries, the Reds are still sitting in 4th in MLB.

What’s wrong in bringing up Cingrani? Seems like a more logical choice, unless he just pitched recently or I have missed something.

Pitched on Sunday, so he’ll probably be used for the next Cueto day. The Reds will probably also be looking at re-shuffling the order of pitchers so that Mesoraco doesn’t get three games off in a row any more.

Speaking about Mesoraco…
100 AB
.230/.316/.350/’666, 6 DBL, 0 TPL, 2 HR, 13 RBI
versus RHP – .179 (.333 against LHP)
w/RISP – .219
2 outs w/RISP – .067
away games – .184 (.275 home)
Although we haven’t seen him hit like they think he can, his arm has
improved a great deal this season; CS 5 of 16 (31%) base runners. Last
season he threw out 20%.

I do wish jonrox would give credit when credit is due. The Reds announcers and Dusty have been saying for over two weeks that Dusty was planning on flipping the rotation on the day off (June 6) so as to split up Mesoraco and Hannigan.

I didn’t know I had to cite my sources on a blog comment board

Bringing up Villarreal shows just how weak our minors really are right now. Our season is fading away and the window is closing. Yes… I predicted this at the beginning of the season. Zero chance that this current rotation,bullpen and lineup makes it to the playoffs, if by some miracle the Reds do make the playoffs they match up terribly to all other play off caliber teams…. add on the whole “inexpensive college picks” and you are looking at another 20 years of darkness.

Oh jeez. We have the fourth best record in baseball despite losing our starting left fielder in the first game (and his backup) and our staff ace for half the season to date. What more do you want, at this point, given that record? Every team has injuries throughout the year. Just two years ago, the Cardinals won the World Series despite missing their staff ace, Wainwright, for the entire season.
The core of this team will be together and improving for the next two seasons, and then who knows. Every city outside of Boston or New York would be happy to take four years of World Series caliber teams if it means having to rebuild a little after words (even assuming the worst case scenario of losing everyone and none of the current prospects turning out).

the reds can’t beat the nationals, braves, giants,cardinals, or pirates that is why I base my reasoning. We are barely beat any team with a winning record but division leaders? Not at all. We can’t this year and our farm system is empty so that will be no to next year as well

We literally just took two of three against the Pirates and should have gotten game three but for Broxton. We’ve played the teams you cited 19 times this year, and all but 3 have been on the road. Most teams struggle on the road, especially against good teams. Do you even watch baseball?
Stop getting hung up on the minor leagues. We have to replace a starting pitcher (Arroyo) and a center fielder (Choo) next year. That’s literally it, and we have one of those well in hand with Cingrani. Either Billy Hamilton will be ready, we’ll re-sign Choo, or find a free agent replacement. Not a big deal. Beyond that, if we lose Choo, we’ll almost certainly be getting a compensatory first rounder from whomever signs him. That will help us restock. Beyond those two free agents, the rest of the starters will be back and one year farther into their prime (The entire infield, Bruce, Mesoraco, and nearly every pitcher are all entering their best baseball years). This team is absolutely fine for two more seasons after this one.

I know your favorite thing to constantly repeat the same wrong nonsense over and over again (see: your original comment on this thread) but I think this is the worst garbage I’ve ever seen you post. Do you even think while typing? Do you even watch baseball? Congratulations on “predicting… at the beginning of the season” that the Reds would have injuries.
I mean, your whole premise starts with Villarreal shows how weak the minors system is. That is fundamentally wrong. Villarreal is the worst starter at AAA this season. He was only called up because he was on the 40 man and it was his day to pitch already. Everyone else would have been on short rest or isn’t on the 40 man. Having to call up a bad minor league pitcher is what happens when you find out three hours before the game that your normal starter is going to be unavailable.

Ok… Watched the game and was hopeing Dusty would pull Villareal in the 4th when he walked Young and gave up the hit with Gonz. coming up. How do you let him pitch there. I am not saying the game could have been turned but with two outs that was a turning point. It would just be a long bullpen night. Other teams have done it.

AND ANOTHER series against a team with a WINNING record is choked away. What a waste of a season this is going to be. I now blame Castellini and Jocketty as it is obvious that the minor league hitting instruction is NOT focused on situational hitting and that starts at the very top. Time to change the organizational philosophy on hitting. Now the Reds will head to Chicago and beat up (maybe) on the Cubs and will then act as if they are back. Pathetic. If the Reds make the post season, one series and done. Wish I was wrong but hard to believe in this team. last two playoff appearances have resulted in going down in history for the wrong reasons. Laughable that this S^^^ never changes.

Finally an honest posting on this blog. Thank you for your honesty and I agree 110% with your assessment. Looking at the state of our farm system we will continue on this path as the very best sub par team in baseball. We can beat the losers but we can’t beat any winners. Season is doomed our only hope is to have a fire sale and dismantle this team for the future, what is the point in playing if you can’t compete? We should throw the season and go for high draft picks. Trade Cho instead of letting him sail away in free agency, trade Cueto, Bailey, Arroyo,Chapman, and Broxton while the bids are still high. Build around Votto,Phillips,Latos,Mesoraco.

I cannot agree with your angle of selling the team away.

look at it this way… if the Reds don’t sell off the team we lose every single year. If we sell off while the price is high we build a farm system solid for 5 years.

I still believe in Walt. The hitting changes come from the top. I suggest reading a book called ” The Art Of Hitting .300″ by Charlie Lau. It is a tremendous read and really does seem to expose some of the Reds flaws on the offensive side. It is edited by LaRussa (the version I have) and that is not a bad thing. I love the Reds and I love baseball and the Reds are just in a bad state right now. Philosophies need to change across the organization.

Ok id buy bringing in george brett to teach charlie lau hitting fundamentals…. Then again im guessing robin ventura is tring that right now with the sox, it isnt working so far.

Changing the players does not change the attitude of the organization.

Vanessa, the Sox have Dunn. Kinda puts a damper on the offense. I will say it again. minor league hitting instruction, especially situational. The Sox do not seem to appreciate any hitting philosophy as they paid Dunn a lot of money to strikeout and hit solo homers. The Reds have been developing players but they are not developing situational hitters. Allow me to add that I am not saying the players or organization should read the Charlie Lau book but the poster should if they have not already.

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