Game 57: at PIT

Reds lineup vs. Pirates

Choo 8
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Paul 7
Mesoraco 2
Izturis 4
Latos 1

*After Phillips got drilled two days in a row and was knocked out of this game with last night’s plunking, I’m very curious to see how the Reds respond. I thought FS Ohio stats guy Joel Luckhaupt posed a good point on Twitter last night which basically asked what would be better retribution: hitting one of the Pirates hitters or sweeping the series with three-straight shutouts? The latter could have more lasting and demoralizing effects. The first one could fire up the Pirates and make them tougher to beat in future series. I guess we shall see…


The best thing to do is wait until the Reds are up 5 or more runs in the 9th and let Chapman drill someone. At this point it’s getting old .

I agree, it’s getting old. More importantly, if a player is knocked out for a couple of months or more. This has got to stop. Today, we have another number of hit batters. Hopefully, if a pitcher is throwing at a batter; hit him in the thigh, the butt, the back…just not the arms or head. Drysdale (Dodger SP in the 60’s) said it best and I am, of course paraphrasing: ‘ We would never retaliate the same day, but we made mental notes’…’it may be a month or even longer before we retaliate at a cost of two for every one of our batters hit’. I realize it is part of the game and will never not be a part of the game, however, as I recall, retaliation never resulted in a player being injured for more than his pride. Somebody throwing in excess of 95 mph could be very very dangerous.

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