Phillips to miss Sunday

If you saw my pre-game notebook item on Brandon Phillips, you saw that he spoke about his being hit by pitches lately and feeling like the “fall guy” in retaliation.

During the 2-0 win by the Reds, it happened again. For the third time this week and second time in two games on Saturday, Phillips was plunked by a pitch. On this occasion vs. the Pirates, it had lasting consequences as Phillips exited in the eighth inning with a left forearm contusion. X-rays were negative.

Phillips was struck on the arm by a 1-2 pitch from Pittsburgh lefty reliever Tony Watson.

“He got me good,” Phillips said. “When he hit me, I thought it was broke for sure. That was the first thing that hit my mind. It made one of those sounds. I was like ‘oh man, I think I might be done.’ I can’t really close my fist all the way.”

Reds manager Dusty Baker expected Phillips to not play in Sunday’s series finale, possibly longer.

“It might be a couple of days. One thing that saved him was the wristband,” Baker said. “We’re just lucky it’s not broken. I asked the umpire when I went out to change guys on the lineup card. He said it sounded like it hit bone like it was plastic or something. I was just praying that he was OK. He’s been getting hit a lot lately. It hit him pretty good. I don’t know if he was trying to pitch inside or what was happening. You just don’t want to see people get hurt.”

Phillips declined to say that Watson intentionally threw at him.

“I had two strikes on me,” he said. “He tried to bust me in and maybe it was a good pitch. He just missed a spot and hit me. I don’t really know. All I know is I got hit and I had to go get an X-ray.”

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