Game 56: at PIT

Reds lineup vs. Pirates

Choo 8
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Mesoraco 2
Robinson 7
Leake 1


Prior to last night, the Reds were 8-15 against teams above .500. Since the next 9 (including last nights game) are against over .500 teams, it would behoove the Reds to win 6 or 7 and get some element of balance against good teams. Whipping hack teams and losing to good teams just aint gonna get us to where we wanna go!

Look up how many have been on the road. After this series That is six against the card and six against the Pirates on the road with none at home.

Talk about making a statement…Pittsburgh is 2nd best SP in NL with ERA of 3.17. They certainly lived up to that tonight. BTW, the Reds are 3rd best in NL with a 3.29 ERA. But this is the difference, imo, the bucs are batting #12 overall with a BA of only .240. Our Reds aren’t batting too much better, but better, at .255 – ranked #7 in the NL. Hey, we won so I’ll shut my pie hole!?* Another W! Yeah baby!

Our SP is un-frigging-believable!!!

I think we gave this one away…should have put them away but our BP spit-the-bit.

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