Game 55: at PIT

Reds lineup vs. Pirates

Choo 8
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Robinson 7
Hanigan 2
Cueto 1

*Needless to say, this should be a pretty fun series. The Reds (33-21) and Pirates (34-20) have the fourth and second-best records in baseball, respectively.

*The schedule gets tough from here for the Reds. Of the next 28 games, only seven are against opponents currently under .500. Included are the Pirates twice, the first-place Cardinals, the first-place D-backs and the first-place Rangers in that stretch. Arizona, Oakland and Texas are part of one road trip.

*The Reds and Pirates will be wearing throwback uniforms tonight tomorrow. Cincinnati’s uniforms will be replicas of the 1937 Cincinnati Tigers Negro League kits.

*Tonight also marks the 1,000th game to be played at PNC Park. The Reds were the winners of Game No. 1 here by an 8-2 score as Sean Casey’s first-inning home run off Todd Ritchie was the stadium’s first hit. Casey will be working as an analyst for Fox Sports Ohio this series.


I know that playing against a good team on the road means taking one out of three is good. But I would love for this team to really show up in this series. I dont want this to be another 5 game losing streak like earlier in the season on these road games. I very much would like to see Votto take over for a series the stats are there but if feels like he is pushing when the RBI chances are coming. He seemed so automatic over the years we have been spoiled. It would be fun to see Votto have a big RBI series against these guys really put them in their place behind the Reds…

Actually, I think the next 9 games will be very telling; 3 w/ @Pittsburgh (34-20), 3 w/ vs. Colorado (28-26) and 3 w/ vs. St. Louis (35-18). If we wanna romp with the big boys we gotta play at their level; 6 of 9 (.667) would seem very reasonable, given our SP our BP and our lineup. Reds current win percentage = .611; St. Louis = .660. We had best ‘man up’ or we may well find a huge hill before the break.

Just to continue our discussion about who should bat 2nd…
Robinson case: he bats switch, he can fly, steal bases and he can bunt very well, he is hitting .342/.444 but only in 38 AB. He is extremely fast and plays LF well. No power, a fly of a hitter.
Cozart case: he bats RH (between Choo and Joey), he can bunt well, he also can fly, has not shown a propensity to steal a base (although he has speed), and is hitting .242/.266 in 194 AB. His glove is stellar at 2b. HR/EBH power.
Robinson has ‘plugged in’ hot…Cozart is now ‘hitting well’ after kissing the Mendoza line (.206) and taking a few days off.

I think Dusty is doing what I would do. I’d rather see a threoretical extra AB with Cozart than with Robinson, given their attributes and current play.

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