Why is Robinson in 8th spot?

During Wednesday’s game, the Indians batted speedy Drew Stubbs in the ninth spot. Depending on how the lineup turned over, Stubbs could effectively be a second leadoff hitter ahead of actual leadoff man Michael Bourn. Reds manager Dusty Baker even noted before the game how that can effective way of exploiting a team’s speed.

On Thursday, the Reds started their fastest player — Derrick Robinson — in left field. But Baker batted Robinson eighth, behind DH Devin Mesoraco and ahead of catcher Ryan Hanigan.

Might Baker have considered Robinson to bat ninth to put his speed ahead of leadoff man Shin-Soo Choo?

“I thought about it,” Baker said. “Robinson’s leg is bothering him. So I might not be able to run him and I might be able to use just his bat instead of his legs.”

Baker would not elaborate on the nature of Robinson’s leg issue.

Also, Baker felt like he needed to separate Mesoraco and Hanigan.

“Last night, I didn’t like Hanigan and [Jack] Hannahan back-to-back,” Baker said. “I had no speed. If he feels good, I can still hit and run with Robinson.”


As if dusty would run Robinson if he were completely healthy. Tied for last as a team in all of baseball in stolen bases.

Yeah dusty, I believe you. If his leg was healthy, you’d run him.

“Tied for last as a team in all of baseball in stolen bases.” — You do realize the Reds are tied for last in steals with the Cardinals, right?

Using facts makes it harder to invent things to complain about. Where is the fun in that?

Stolen bases are overrated (seriously, look at the rankings of last years playoff teams in terms of stolen bases). Robinson has been gimpy for half the season, and no one else on the team is really a SB threat. I’m fine with Dusty not giving away outs on the base paths

My question is why doesn’t Baker bat Robinson second and put Cozart or Isturis 8th or 9th? Wouldn’t it be better to put his speed at the top of the order?

It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to move Robinson/Paul up to the two spot, since they’re both better at batting than Cozart (so far this year). However, you don’t want to blindly put speedy guys at the top of the lineup just for the sake of speed. That’s how we ended up wasting leadoff bats with Stubbs, Tavares, etc. If the guy’s only attribute is speed, you want him hitting down in the lineup where he’s not wasting at bats, and can also afford to steal bases. There’s not much point in stealing in front of Votto, becase (1) he doesn’t need the help moving baserunners over, and (2) teams love walking Votto with a man on second and no one on first.

Split up Hannigan and Mesoraco ? Why are both catchers in the lineup anyway ? Dusty always seems to second guess himself. BUT , seems to be working . It is fun and interesting the way he manages.

It’s safer to have both catchers in with the DH rule, because you’re allowed to move the DH into a defensive position if you want (pitcher spot has to start batting at that point), so you have much less risk of running out of catchers. In the NL, Dusty is afraid of using his second catcher and then having no one to use if the second guy gets hurt in that game.

I love having both catchers in when the DH is applied. Mesoraco is the best bat off the bench so you have to use him as much as possible.

A little abstract question. I am a devote Reds fan and have been my entire life; but I live in Pasadena, California (that’s another story). How many miles is it between where the Reds play at GABP, and where the Indians play? They keep talking on the radio about folks that went to the first two games and are attending the next two in Cleveland. TIA for anyone in the know and responding.

About 240 miles apart.

Thank you DRO.

This offense has to find a way to help out this pitching staff. This team struggles to put up runs when our pitchers have an off night, which is becoming extremely rare… This offense just cant help out the pitching staff at all right now. I think that only hurts a pitcher like Bailey who is trying to be perfect and makes Dustys job so much harder because the starters are relied on way too much. He knows that the starters are this teams greatest weapon. Bullpen is blowing games and lack of runs support is straining on the starters.

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