Game 54: at CLE

Reds lineup vs. Indians

Choo 8
Izturis 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Mesoraco DH
Robinson 7
Hanigan 2

Bailey 1

T*he Reds have lost their last eight games in Cleveland. The last win at Progressive Field was May 22, 2010.


call me crazy but I would be batting Robinson 2nd or 9th.

Agreed. With Robinson’s bunting ability and speed he should be batting 2nd in this lineup. Although Izturis is very seasoned, I don’t think he has the current credentials to be batting between Choo and Joey. This lineup is as surprising as yesterday’s and it all surrounds
the #2 hole and/or the DH position. Certainly didn’t pan out yesterday; let’s hope we have very differing results today.

There’s a reason on where Robinson is batting. Stay tuned.

Thanks for the update, Mark.

Dusty would call you crazy. Anyone with half a brain would agree with you. Izturis is likely the worst hitter on the active roster. Soooo, bat him 2nd. Good work, Dusty, let’s do lunch.

Izturis is the SS. So in dusty’s pea-little brain, that means he automatically bats second.

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