Baker responds to Garza

During Sunday’s game vs. the Cubs, the benches were warned after Reds ace Johnny Cueto skied a pitch over the head of David DeJesus. The situation had Cubs pitcher Matt Garza pretty hot after the game lost by the Reds in 10 innings, 5-4. (Click here to read Cubs beat writer Carrie Muskat’s story.)

“Cueto should learn, you don’t go after guy’s heads,” Garza said. “Don’t wake a sleeping dog. I think that’s kind of immature on his part and totally uncalled for. He’s lucky that retaliation isn’t in our vocabulary. You play each game like it’s a new one. That’s [nonsense] on his part — just total immaturity. If he has something to say about it, he knows where to find my locker, and I’ll definitely find his.

“If the game was played that way, I don’t like it like that. You don’t go intently and try to injure somebody. Hopefully, the league looks at that. I don’t want him to get suspended or anything. I just want him to learn a lesson. Hopefully, his players will warn him. It is what it is — they run their own show. We’ll see him again down the line.”

Cueto was not available after Sunday’s game and was not in the clubhouse Monday morning during media availability.

Reds manager Dusty Baker, when informed about what Garza said, was direct in his retort.

“Take care of it then,” Baker said. “I mean, [Cueto] couldn’t hit Wilt Chamberlain with that pitch. … I haven’t talked to Johnny about it. I don’t think there’s any bad blood between them or whatever.”

“I don’t think Johnny cares either. Would [Garza] have been as upset if he got the win instead of potentially get a loss? You gotta something to say, you go over there and tell him. Johnny ain’t running. Know what I mean? A guy can say what he wants to say, but it’s better if you go over and say it to his face.”

Baker then recalled a time when things like this were handled differently.

“I just wish, just put them in a room, let them box and let it be over with, know what I mean?” Baker said. “I always said this. Let it be like hockey. Let them fight, somebody hits the ground and then it’ll be over with. I’m serious about that.

“I come from a different school. Guys didn’t talk as much. You just did it.”


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Amazing. There is something to be said about “challenging” another pitcher; even by bringing up a future star to fill in when one or another goes down. Leake has awakened like no other…10 GS, 62.2 IP, 3.02 ERA. “Reds starter Mike Leake ended a run of consecutive scoreless innings at 16 2/3 Monday in a start at home against the Indians. Carlos Santana’s sacrifice fly to score Jason Kipnis in the fourth inning ended it.”

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DeJesus was laughing at the plate while the Umpire warned Cueto and the two dugouts. How serious could it have been? The Cubs have a lot to worry about – Cueto headhunting isn’t on the list.

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Way to go Dusty… Completely agree…

Unfortunately, there are thousands of young boys and girls watching them fight. Very unsettling for them to go to the park to see a ballgame and get a hotdog, but then find themselves watching grown men fighting. It happened to my daughter when she was 7 and she said, then, she never wanted to go to the ballpark again. She of course changed her mind after I explained what had occurred; now we laugh at it because she is 35. However, back when it happened it wasn’t much of a laughing matter. Cursing and fighting have no place at the ballpark. If there were no fans; go for it, but that’s not reality. JMO.

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Not saying that they should literally fight. I agree with Dusty that real men dont talk. Most men only know how to talk but cant back anything up. He is saying to actually grow up is to stop sputtering off non-sense and let your actions be your words. If you are upset at someone get off your butt and go over there if not dont hide behind the media like a coward.

Point taken. And, if the fans weren’t there…let em go! Somehow, a fisticuff always
solves the immediate difference; not always finally, but immediately. I know where
you speak.

ミュウミュウ ハンドバッグ

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