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Some quick items of note that came out of a 7-4 Reds win over the Mets for a three-game series sweep and 7-2 road trip. Click here to read the main game story on

*Television cameras from the Mets broadcast caught Mat Latos and Jay Bruce having an animated discussion at the far end of the dugout following the fifth inning. It came after the Mets made it a 2-2 game on Daniel Murphy’s sacrifice fly.

Neither player would go detail what was said between them.

“Next question,” Latos said tersely.

“That’s not really important,” Bruce said. “But no, it was not about the sac fly.”

On the sac fly, Bruce had to make the catch on the run and he made an off-target throw up the third base line. Bruce discounted the situation between innings as not a big deal.

“Everything is fine,” Bruce said. “It happens all the time. It’s a non-story early really.”

*In the seventh inning as Latos gave up two runs that re-tied the game at 4-4. They came vs. lefty hitters Murphy and Rick Ankiel. You were probably wondering, as was I, what happened to Sean Marshall? That’s a situation where the lefty pitcher would normally enter. Murphy hit an RBI single and Ankiel hit a RBI triple to the left field wall.

“Marshall wasn’t available,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “Otherwise, I would have brought in Marshall for Ankiel. That kind of hurt us not having Marshall.”

Marshall said his shoulder did not respond well to throwing pre-game and believed there was some inflammation.

“We were kind of erring on the side of caution. I told them I was a little bit sore,” Marshall said. “I did a little bit of exercise after the game. With this extra day of rest [Thursday], I will be back to how I’ve been feeling.”

Marshall, who has a 2.57 ERA in 11 appearances with 21 of 27 batters retired, began the season battling left shoulder tendinitis and was on the disabled list from April 8-26.

*The Reds have won 10 of their last 12 games.

*On the road this season, the Reds are 13-12 after starting out 1-8.

*Zack Cozart, often criticized for batting in the second spot, had a career-best day going 4-for-5 as he faced Mets phenom Matt Harvey. No other player in Harvey’s brief big league career had ever notched three hits against him. Cozart also made a nifty play in the field to rob David Wright of an RBI hit with his line drive.

“Not a bad day,” Cozart said. “To be honest with you, the play in the field I like doing that rather than getting a lot of hits. I need a lot of hits though. I felt good. Harvey, we knew he had good stuff coming into the game. I don’t know what it did to me, if it heightened my awareness or what, but I thought I saw him pretty good.”

*Joey Votto hit a 3-0 Harvey 96 mph fastball for a two-run homer and a 2-1 Reds lead in the third inning. Votto is now 7-for-11 with three homers in his career when having 3-0 count.

“Just trying to throw a fastball away,” Harvey said. “I don’t like walking people, so obviously in that count I wanted to throw a strike. I just missed over the plate a little bit. He’s a good hitter, so he put a good swing on it.”


Fine. Cozart is allowed to bat 2nd against Harvey from now on as long as he doesn’t bat second against anyone else. Deal?

Latos should grow up from his cry-baby ways. As Welsh pointed out on the television broadcast, Latos was his own worst enemy in that inning, grooving one for Harvey to handle easily with a bunt that moved the runner to third. Then, apparently, he is upset over Bruce’s off-line throw to the plate in a desperate effort to make amends for Latos’ stupidity. I love the Reds, but I really wouldn’t give a damn if he never gets another win in his personal win column. His attitude needs quick adjustment.

worst comment that I have ever seen on this blog. Latos is our youngest pitcher if I am not mistaken. He is 25. Of course he has a hot head just like you and your posts. He is probably our best starting pitcher on pure “stuff”. People get angry in the heat of the battle. You are under fire and want the win you say things you don’t mean when under duress.

Hopefully the heated words between Latos and Bruce is a done deal but these things have a way of festering. If this team starts bickering among themselves due to the pressure to win and win now they won’t make it. I’ve sensed discontent for awhile but what do I know. Last year they were a loose group of guys. It seems different this year. But hey they’re winning so I’ll shut up.

They definitely don’t seem as “friendly” as last year but maybe from our perspective that as a whole they are just more focused. Although it would appear that both Marshall and Chapman missed the focus sessions. Could be that both of them are dealing with injuries that the Reds are not disclosing. I don’t understand why they don’t send Marshall back down on the DL. Sounds like they need to shut him down for 60 days and hope he has juice at the end of the year because honestly he isn’t needed right now but will be come playoff time.

Whose “duress” did you say he was under? He ought to get out from under there and play ball, the big goon.

How could it be the worst with you regularly running diarrhea of the mouth!

Denny, I would like to politely disagree. I love Latos’ attitude. He wants to win, and gives it his all, can’t question that.

I never agree with Curt and yet I find myself agreeing with him on this.

Personal pitching wins mean absolutely nothing…he ought to grow up and realize it is always a collective effort, of which his play is a very small part.

So none of you guys have ever had an argument with anyone you’ve worked with.

Surely disputes develop, but I never remember airing the dirty laundry by throwing a childlike dugout tantrum in public, in this particular case, for millions to gawk at!

Has anyone here played organized sports before? You want to win, things get tense out there, you say things at the moment some times. Especially when you are young which both these players are. They are still kids at mid 20s. I know very few people who are mature enough to handle situations at that age. But at the end of the day you move on…

I played and coached…Mat Latos would not play for me. That attitude of his was a prime cause of the loss in game five of last year’s playoffs. Maybe, in the short run, I bite the bullet and take the hit from the loss of his talents. In the long run, my ball club is better off.

Sound like he’d be a great fit for a California team. hmm

You guys are nuts. Any team in the major leagues would take Matt Latos in a heart beat.

Do you really think San Diego is all that baseball dense? They knew full well what they were unloading! A whiny, big blonde brat who throws tantrums on the mound against the very umps who hold his fortune in their hands. He’s an idiot. He already cost us the playoffs and we”ll continue to mutter that he holds enormous talent but always manages to melt down into disater. Now that his ways have been amply displayed in two different cities, the takers may not be as numerous, nor as open-handed with their generous offerings, as you suspect.

Say what you want about Latos but he is 4-0 and has had the most No decisions in the Majors the last two season. That does effect you some but he hasnt really been complaining about it. If Bruce says theres nothing to it then who are we to be blowing it up on the sidelines. Enjoy the wins and quit Hating.

Every single team in MLB would take Latos in a heart beat this is a joke of a discussion. He is still a kid with all kinds of talent. We have seen this time and time again. This team has one of the best records in baseball. I dont think Latos is hurting a thing and I would even say he is helping fuel this team with his passion. You say he lost game five, I say he won game one… You say he has attitude issues, I say he has passion for winning. I like him on this team and we are lucky to have him.

Well said.

2012: 33 GS, 209.1 IP, 14-4, 3.48 ERA, 1.16 WHIP, 1.17 GO/FO
2013: 10 GS, 65.1 IP, 4-0, 3.17 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, 1.15 GO/FO

BTW…Latos had a record 15 ‘no decision’ games in 2012; he has 6 so far this season.

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