Game 46: at NYM

Reds lineup vs. Mets

Robinson 8
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Lutz 7
Mesoraco 2
Leake 1

*Now Shin-Soo Choo sits (for real) against lefty Jonathon Niese.

*Zack Cozart is back after missing two games with a stomach bug.

*Brandon Phillips is 5-for-13 (.385) with two home runs in his career vs. Niese.

*From Stats Inc.: Mike Leake has limited the Mets’ David Wright, Daniel Murphy and Ike Davis to a combined 3-for-28.


I’m surprised Cozart is back in there. Dusty usually gives these guys an extra day or two after they tell him they’re good to go.

Seems like every time Leake gets buried by the fans, he comes back and performs. Tonight was no different; the kid pitched 3 H, 7 IP of shutout ball. His ERA is now 3.25! Still love Cingrani, but I think the plan is for him to replace either a, 1) hurt SP during this season, or 2) Arroyo at the start of next season. Seems reasonable given the circumstances.

(ps…kinda feel bad for a guy like Soto; come up for 2 games; 1 AB and back on down the road…but so it goes)

Let’s see how Leake and the rest of our starting pitching performs before we start appointing them the best starting rotation in baseball. I still don’t think he is as good as Cingrani simply because he isn’t a lefty. But glad the Reds got a win.

Cingrani is far from major-league ready, no matter what a small sample of stats might indicate. Did you watch him pitch? He has little command, even of his much-vaunted, overly-resorted to fastball. As a result he usually passed the 100 pitch mark somewhere along the fifth inning. That will kill a bullpen by the All-Star break. No effective secondary pitches. Very much a work still in progress with a lot of progression left to go.

Interesting stats:
Reds have the 4th best overall pitching ERA in all of MLB with a 3.36 ERA.
However, they lead all of baseball with a 1.18 WHIP.

Pretty impressive.

That might suggest that an even more improved ranking/standing lay just ahead!

I don’t know about THE best but I wouldn’t trade them for any other team’s staff. They’re pretty good. How about giving Brian Price credit also.

excerpts of article written by Mark for…

Baker and pitching coach Bryan Price told Cingrani that he needs to work on his secondary pitches — the changeup and slider. Baker said Cingrani would not be mandated to throw a certain number of offspeed pitches while back at Louisville.

According to Fangraphs, the 23-year-old Cingrani threw his fastball 83.6 percent of the time, which is third-highest among Major League pitchers with at least 30 innings. In recent outings, Cingrani was getting hit harder the second time through an opposing lineup.

“I could do it with the fastball if I just commanded it better, but it’s just working on the other pitches to get them off of my fastball,” Cingrani said. “It’s always a learning process. It’s great I got the six starts. I’ll go back down, do what I have to do and work on that.”

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