Soto called up

UPDATE: Reds made the move official and announced that Cingrani was optioned to Louisville.

A Reds roster move has yet to be announced but 3B/1B Neftali Soto is in the clubhouse on Saturday. He has been called up from Triple-A Louisville.

Soto is batting .269/.310/.388 with three homers and 16 RBIs in 33 games. He has played 18 games at first base but has been developing his skills as a third baseman, where he’s played 16 games.

I will have more with Soto later. To read my notebook on him, click here.

Soto will wear No. 50.

With LHP Tony Cingrani not getting another turn in the rotation after pitching Friday, he is likely to be optioned to Louisville.

It was a mostly impressive six starts in the Majors for Cingrani, who was 2-0 with a 3.27 ERA, nine walks and 41 strikeouts.


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This is a joke. Cingrani has more innings pitched than runners allowed. On the other hand, Leake allows 1.5 runners per inning. He may have been rookie of the year. The Reds are a much weaker team because of this.

Only joke I spy is this post!

it says there is 1 comment on this article. I’m not seeing it. I was curious what others think about losing cingrani in the rotation. I thought he looked really good and alot better than leake anyways. who has opponents batting above 300. only two pitchers are doing worse than him in that category on our whole roster. i’m not saying we should send leake down. but at least parra could be optioned and leake put in the pen.

Leake has more major league experience and has done well (4.19 career ERA 31-24 record). I doubt there is a 5th starter out there better than him. Cingrani had trouble getting people out the 3rd time through the lineup and was only giving the Reds 5 innings of work. Leake averages 6 innings a game. Cingrani got some good experience and pitched pretty well but needs to work on his secondary pitches more. In his limited time in the bullpen Leake has been ineffective. If Leake starts to pitch poorly at least we have Cingrani that we can call up. He needs some more seasoning though.

where have you been…mars? parra was sent down a month ago!

Parra wasn’t sent down, he was hurt and is now rehabbing in Louisville I believe. He will be activated soon.

I tired of hearing about sending Tony down to develop move pitches, if that was the case Chapman should be on the same bus. why didn’t they put him or leake in the pen, and send down Broxton, or JJ Hoover. Tony had a good chance for Rookie of the year pitcher. I hope the Yankee’s or the Cards bring in the bucks and give him the shot he deserves in the Majors man this sucks. I’m sure Walt was thinking about bringing up his value so he could sell him. now he can wave a steak in front of other GM’s and sell him while he;s hot, the whole world has been impressed by this guy.

yeah great idea (smh) send a 7m ayear player down(broxton) chapman has 3 pitches but when you throw 100mph unlike cingrani you only need one.are you cingranis dad?

You really don’t know a thing about the game, do you?

I agree with Denny. Cingrani can learn in the big leagues just as well as Chapman. I think the only issue with Cingrani is his arm strength. Seems like Cingrani is tiring out already so if that is the case I agree with sending him back down and putting him on a limited pitch count per game until he builds up his ability to and strength. If the Reds want to convert Chapman from a closer to starter he needs to go down to AAA and learn again how to be a starter, and develop a couple of extra pitches.
Problem is Chapman will never sign an extension or a new contract with the Reds. He is Yankees bound and they are just using him in Cincy for training to replace Mariano Rivera. With our bullpen stocked right now would be a fantastic time to trade Chapman for some mondo AA and AAA stars.

I assume thius idiocy isn’t that product of the long-standing Curt who regularly posts here!

I think Cingrani will benefit from going back to AAA… Teams are learning to sit on his fastball… He needs to master a second pitch and be able to go 5 innings without sitting at 100+ pitches… It’s all good…

I do believe Tony will stay for long, but as much as I want him there and not Leake…, YES, he does need to develop more pitches. You just can’t survive in the majors throwing 80% Fatsballs….unless you are named Verlander and that is because you have real heat, plus two other major pitches.
Batters wil start to read Tony soon enough.
Now if Leake goes in one of those ugly streaks, I would just trade ge him along with a prospect like Corcino for a Shortstop that gets on base, while calling Tony up.

Then who is going down when Cueto comes back?

Soto will be sent back down. They just called him up today, probably to have an extra bat off the bench.

Cingrani sent down-the awful Leake kept-terrible management.Soto called up to sit & rot on bench.Real good moves Jocketty and I laugh manager,Baker.

“Awful” Leake’s career numbers 31-24, 4.19 ERA, 1.35 WHIP. Looks decent to me, especially for a 5th starter.

And Soto will “rot:” on the bench for 2 games until they activate Cueto. Do you even pay attention to the team?

Leake is getting paid a lot of money! Granted for 6 games Cingrani has better numbers than Leake but over the long haul, Mike has more major league experience and provides some offensive punch. Cingrani needs to develop more pitches to go deeper in games. Right now he was getting into the 5th inning before needing to come out. There is no doubt Cingrani belongs in the Reds rotation but he’s a year away. I think knowing Cingrani is nipping at his heals will keep him focused.

To everyone crying about Leake staying just take a minute and look at the umbers. Arroyo is the weekest pitcher to date. Leake had a bad season a year ago but if you truely watch the games you can see that he improves every time on the mound. Cingrani is an cocky young man and needs to relize he is not at the level he thinks he is. With another year he could be there. This will be for his benifit as well as the team.

This is all mute points for this year anyways. Arroyo will be gone next year, kind of makes me wonder why the Reds just didn’t trade him away for someone signed longer? He was good for us a big innings eater and quite reliable. But he is getting up there in age, is a junk ball pitcher and he is going to want a fat retirement check on his next signing, My guess would be he will want a 4 yr deal at around $60 million and will pay out 10 million in advance then he’ll kick back and have two sub-par years before hanging up the cleats. I hope he does sign up with someone else.

Present contract makes it next-to-impossible and clearly unwise to trade him.

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