Games 39-41 at MIA

No Miami for me on this trip. I will be back on Friday for the weekend series at Philadelphia, followed by next week in New York.

Have a good few days.


With Heisey reinjuring his hammy, and Ludwick a long way from returning, and Hamilton heating up .285 in May at Louisville [AAA], could we see a mid June call up?

Please no. He is just now starting to hit AAA. Let Robinson & Paul continue their rotation we are winning games with them playing.

We got a righty batter raking down at triple A Felix Perez 317 batter, 5 homer 25 RBI left fielder

I agree. Leave Hamilton right where he is. He still has a ways to go before he is ready . He will be up next year playing centerfield. Choo will be I right. Just hoping Bruce is gone.

Would it hurt the Cards to lose every once in a while?

Max…lol. They sure can hit and pitch the ball, can’t they. It’ll be all that more satisfying when we take them down later in the year!

i wonder when luddy comes back if dusty pulls brandon out of the clean up spot? i think with lutz robinson paul chris heisley might be in trouble, i wonder how much choo would have to do to make cincy talk contract with him? i like hamilton but if choo puts up these numbers geez, with the exception of speed i dont think hamilton has the potential to what choo is doing now, but i like proven vets more then i like rookies with potential but thats just my preferance!

by John Fay

“Brandon Phillips is leading the National League in RBI with 33. It’s pretty clear why. Phillips is hitting .447 with runners in scoring position. Phillips is hitting .500 (12-for-24) with fewer than two outs and .357 with two outs (5-for-14).”

“This marked improvement over last year when Phillips hit .305 overall with RISP. He hit .238 with with RISP and two outs.”

“Phillips is on pace for 149 RBI. His career-high is 98. That came in 2009.”

Ok, our chance to gain a game…Cards lost today; 5-2 to the Mets.

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