Rotation order tweaked

The Reds on Monday revealed an alteration to their rotation for the upcoming roadtrip:

At Miami

Tues: RHP Homer Bailey
Weds: RHP Mike Leake
Thur: RHP Mat Latos

At Philadelphia

Fri: LHP Tony Cingrani
Sat: RHP Bronson Arroyo
Sun: RHP Homer Bailey

Essentially, Latos and Cingrani have flip-flopped spots. Latos then stays on regular rest.

I had been thinking that Johnny Cueto, who is throwing in a rehab assignment game on Tuesday at Class A Dayton, could return as soon as Sunday vs. the Phillies. At least according to this schedule, that will not apparently happen that way. It makes me wonder, however, if Cueto will eventually go into Leake’s spot since that would put him back in front of Latos like it was to begin the season. I guess we shall soon find out. Cueto has to successfully get through his second start at Dayton first.


If he would be activated today who would be sent out?

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This is a crazy idea, but with the way Cingrani has been pitching, and the fact that his pitch count keeps him from going deep into games. Why not keep Leake in the pen, send down Ondrusek, and use Leake as a long guy…and to possibly come throw 4 or so innings if Tony comes out early.

Your idea seems reasonable to me; however, I’m not sure about when we get to Ondrusek.
Maybe Dusty and Price have another suspect in mind (or DL).

It appears the Reds are going to keep Cingrani. I was almost certain they would send him down. Either way , it’s a hard decision.

Leake is very average at best and needs to hit the bullpen or pull a Rick Ankiel at the plate!

Leake would start on about 25 of the 30 MLB teams. You guys are delirious when you say he isn’t good and needs to find a different position.

Dude. look at Leake’s stats. He sucks. Opponents consistently bat close to .300 against him. Leake is usually good for 3 or 4 innings… just what we need in our bullpen. He would not start for any other team except maybe the Marlins and Astros. I like Leake, I do but he also needs a specialty pitch because his fastball isn’t that good.

Opponents have a career .278 batting average…. this year .303 so please don’t tell me Leake would be starting on 25 of 30 teams.

Wow, I like Cingrani and I love having a lefthanded starter, but unless he gets more pitch efficient, he’s strictly a five inning pitcher. Does he need to return to AAA ball for more training? Does he need another pitch? Everyone assumes he stays. Is that necessarily the case?

Why aren’t you guys talking about Leake getting another pitch? All his pitches are marginal at best. What his fastball clocks in at 89? What is his “knock out” pitch? Leake is a 5 inning pitcher at best as well so it just makes sense to me is start Cingrani when a left hander is needed and be backed up by Leake. Start Leake when a right hander is needed backed up by Cingrani. On the days the other doesn’t start Pryce can use his voodoo to coach them on some other pitches.

Not too sure he has any room for another pitch…this season he has thrown:

Fast Ball…48.9% (90mph)
Slider…5.1% (79.9mph)
Cutter…18.5% (87.5mph)
Curveball…10.8% (77.6mph)
Change…16.7% (83.7mph)

One more set of stats on Leake…

He turned 25 in November.
After 3 1/3 seasons: 30W-24Lm a 4.24 ERA and a WHIP of 1.344.
He makes just over 3 million and is eligible of ARB at the end of this season.

It could be that he is a late bloomer, much like Bailey. Maybe he, Leake, also
needs to add 15-20 lbs. of muscle in the off season.

good advice. He could stand to gain a few pounds.

Just a prediction: When the time comes, Cingrani’s sent down and told to work on pitch efficiency.

Just a prediction Leakes opponent batting average of .303 and his inability to pitch out of the 6th inning has the Reds moving him to the bullpen.

Leake will be starting until the all star break at least. You know, just a predicition.

The Reds are doing what they should be doing; 18-3 against sub .500 teams.

Leake looked good last night, and Dusty didn’t leave him in a pitch too long. But, wow, the Marlins are a bad baseball team!

by Hal McCoy

“Baker pretty much put to rest any discussion about what happens in the rotation when Johnny Cueto returns Monday in New York.”

“Fans keep asking, “What happens when Cueto returns? Who is the odd man out?” Most thought Leake would be relegated to the bullpen (or Louisville) and Tony Cingrani (2-0, 2.89 ERA in five starts) would stay in the rotation.”

“Not in Baker’s eye — and his is the Eye of the Tiger.”

“After Wednesday’s start, Baker said, “I don’t understand what all the discussion is about over Leake and Cingrani? There is no discussion. Leake is my fifth starter.”

Sounds like Tony is out, can’t see Baker moving him to the bullpen, nor do I think he should. If Baker removes him from SP, he should send him down to get more work; develop a usable, reliable, MLB tested…3rd pitch. There is little if any doubt that we will be seeing Mr. Cingrani sooner than later. As we approach July, there may even be an opportunity or two to evaluate a trade. If there is one available that benefits our Reds, Uncle Walt will find it for us! Just look at what he has done for the Reds since
taking over GM duties…wow!

I cant believe how you posters give no regard to a left handed starter. They make a rotation. Cingrani isnt the next steve carlton im not on drugs. But he is good. What a lefty starter does is he throws off a team after his start as well.

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