Game 38: vs MIL



Good to see Lutz get a start. His last start was vs a LHP so I’m glad he get’s a shot against a RH today. He’s been pretty impressive. I’m sure once Heisey gets back Lutz will be sent down so he can play every day but there’s a good chance he’ll be the starting LF in a couple of years. Only time will tell. We have put the Milwaukee pitching staff in a tough spot by knocking out the last two starters early. Hopefully, we are patient today and make the starter throw strikes and work to get us out. No easy outs on the first on second pitch of an AB. If we do that … I really like our chances today!

You can almost feel the importance of every ab lutz and robinson take. You wonder if walt and dusty are putting more emphasis on these last few ab’s for them as to when they will make the deicision when heisey comes back

What makes it really tough is for the fact that Heisey is a quintessential #4 OF as he can play in all three OF spots, plus he has good wheels. Lastly, he has shown that he can hit off the bench. So what will Dusty do? I presume that Lutz will be sent down. Shame, he’s just starting to look comfortable.

Lutz just made the best of it. Big, strong and young; a potent combination. Could we be looking at our future LF? Sure looks the part.

Well we swept the Brewers. I was actually shocked while watching this series; the Brewers are very undisciplined in the field. They missed the cutoff man on several occasions and threw the ball around. Reminded me of our beer/softball games over at the park.

One other note; I really like Heisey and Paul coming off the bench. They seem to relish the position/situation. One from the left, one from the right; speed and versatility.

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