Arroyo not feeling so hot

Some of the takeaway from a 5-1 Reds win over the Brewers:

So in my pre-game notebook, I wrote how the Reds had gone nine-straight games without a quality start from the rotation (at 6 ip, no more than 3 ER allowed). Well, Bronson Arroyo put an end to that.

Arroyo looked pretty good in a 5-1 win with 6 2/3 ip, 5 H, 1 BB, 5 K. He threw only 87 pitches before giving way in the seventh after hit Logan Schafer with a two-out pitch and gave up a Rickie Weeks single.

“He wasn’t feeling very well,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “He said all game it was a struggle for him, but this guy has big guts. He’ll give you what he has. He told us to keep an eye on him because he was about out of gas even though he didn’t have many pitches.”

Arroyo still snapped a three-game losing streak for his first victory since April 15.

“I didn’t have a whole lot of stuff,” Arroyo said. “I was grinding from inning one. Eighty-six, 87 [mph] was the top end for me. The wind was blowing at my back down on the field and up top it was blowing out. It’s a terrible mix for me because you can’t make the ball move down on the field. But if they hit it, it’s going to take off.”

“I was laboring every inning. It probably didn’t look like that. After the 6th, I told them those 65 pitches felt like 90 and to just be aware of that to have somebody ready to go. I knew I was getting away with some pitches I normally wouldn’t and that game could get out of hand quicker than you thought.”

Sam LeCure replaced Arroyo and got the strikeout to escape.

Post-game notes:

*I cover the story of the day, Donald Lutz, on Click here to read that version.

*Reds batters hit .283 and slugged .465 in the three-game sweep of the Brewers.

*Catcher Ryan Hanigan threw out Jean Segura trying to steal in the first inning. Hanigan has caught 5 of 6 runners attempting to steal this season.

*The Reds are a season-high six games over .500 at 22-16.

*Entering the season, I thought the Brewers would at least be a factor in the NL Central this season because of their lineup and improved bullpen…and maybe they still will be around down the stretch. But I’m doubting that at this point. They’ve now lost 12 of their last 16 games, nine of 10 and are 15-20 overall. They’ve lost eight in a row to NL Central opponents. Not only was their starting pitching pretty weak, their defense was poor. It wasn’t just the errors but the balls the players didn’t get to. If there is a saving hope, it’s shortstop Jean Segura. That guy can really hit. He was 8-for-12 in the series with two homers, two RBIs and four runs scored.


Interesting quotes from Arroyo. Thanks. It did seem like an unusually quick hook by Dusty. It’s incredible how he can get by when he’s not at the top of his game.

Agreed about the Brewers, too. I was surprised at the physical and mental errors. The two missed cutoff men on Saturday really stood out. Even though the Reds were sloppy at times themselves, particularly on Saturday, the contrast was really dramatic. And Milwaukee appears to have awful pitching.

Dusty took Arroyo out at right time, evan if he wasn’t sick.

While we have a day off…Mr. Cozart…

2011…58.1 GB…32.3 FO…1.80% GB/FO ratio (38 AB)
2012…41.7 GB…38.3 FO…1.09% GB/FO ratio (600 AB)
2013…49.2 GB…40.2 FO…1.22% GB/FO ratio (156 AB)

Here is another “Stubbs” thinking batter; swing for the fences,
I have the power. Yet, his speed is also going to waste in that
the easiest play in baseball that completely neutralizes speed
is the fly ball out. BTW…Cozart is hitting .207/.237/.343/.580.

In no way does the above take away from his glove; I have not
seen a finer SS/2B combo in many years. Let’s just hope the
kid has the ability to adjust; Jacoby?

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